We tried something different this time around. Are you perhaps interested in seeing what stereotype The Boyz would’ve been in high school? Were they perhaps The Boyz you loved?

Without further ado, here are

the 12 members. the 12 boys we love.

And the 5 types of boys we’ve loved them as.


The Summer Romance Guy

The Boyz in “KeePer” are the summer romance-type of boys.

With the summer well underway, do you have any plans to head to that Pinterest-worthy resort getaway? Watch out, you might discover a wild New on the beach serenading you with a sweet “Things that hurt you, people who hit your nerve. I’ll protect you by hovering around you to remove them” confession.

The Boys Next Door

AKA Your First Love

The Boyz in “Bloom Bloom” and “I’m Your Boy” are arguably your Peter Kavinskys.

They’re your best friends. The approachable guys. But, you know, maybe not too approachable cause after all, holy (unreal) visuals!

These boys are the ones who’ll be there for you through all the ups and downs of high school and life. With their clean, and straight-A images, we’re pretty convinced that The(se) Boyz could’ve been our first loves in another lifetime.

Stereotypical Bad Boy


The bad boys. You know it’s a bad idea to fall deeply for them. You know you’re supposed to stay away but they’re just way too irresistible.

The “No Air” Boyz may have that bad boy facade, but when they croon, ”You’re letting me breathe. You’re making everything bright. I believe, wherever you are. You’re the only sun to me” how are you supposed to stay away?

“You can’t avoid me. The moment we meet eyes. You know it all. Don’t pretend you don’t know. Your smile talks to me. I should come to you, and learn about you.”

You probably didn’t expect “Right Here” to be under this category. But, don’t be fooled, The Boyz are homme fatale in this otherwise bright and energetic dance number. Although they may look sweet, they’ve got you exactly where they want you to be… “Right Here.”

The Guys You’d See on Glee

AKA the Singing Athletes

We’re treading on very unrealistic territory right now— I mean, how many preppy athletes do you/did you know in high school that could sing and dance as flawlessly as The Boyz?

If we had to characterize The Boyz in “Giddy Up” as our high school stock characters, we’d have to say they’re very Glee club/High School Musical-like. Very Troy Bolton and Finn Hudson.

The Old Soul

Sentimental, sensitive, artistic

The “Walkin’ In Time” Boyz are old souls. They’re also sensitive and reflective.

They’re probably one of those really mysterious guys that sit next to the fourth window at the corner of the classroom and barely talk to anyone, come in five minutes before the bell rings, but ace pretty much every quiz/test thrown their way. They’re often found scrabbling lyrics or doodling in their notebook while the autumn leaves breeze by.


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Disclaimer: The author had a little too much fun writing this post and these high-school stereotypes are all collected from her “extensive” knowledge of awkward high school/tween dramas/movies. In no way whatsoever does she hope to perpetuate the high school stereotype or class individuals into a certain mold.