Our Artist of the Week is a young lady who is redefining her image, her story and her identity through her music. As 1/9th member of one of the most established and iconic girl groups, Girls’ Generation rewrote history and ruled a historically male-dominated industry in Asia.

Now, Tiffany Young, previously known as SNSD’s (Pink-Brighter-Than-Mushrooms-Eye-Smile-Princess) Tiffany, is trailblazing her way through the global pop scene and rewriting history for a second time.

Let’s take a look at how Tiffany is transforming herself from KPOP Princess to Pop royalty.

Not Barbie

There’s a certain strength that comes from letting yourself be open and vulnerable with your internal insecurities and pain. Tiffany shows us this in “Not Barbie” by being candid about her struggles. In her own words:

Being positively true to yourself, body and soul, is the most beautiful thing. There’s nothing else. I wanted to be able to say that very, very boldly because of the K-pop background. Because of the Asian background. I think it’s a story that relates to everyone. Any woman or man, or girl or boy, of color, of shape or form or condition, you name it. I always wanted to write something that would be uplifting.”

-Tiffany Young for Billboard, April 2019


Girls’ Generation started from the bottom; performing in front of black oceans and stadiums filled with more antis than fans. Eventually, through hard work and perseverance, they rose their way to the top. For Tiffany to leave behind the comfy and posh life as one of Korea’s top girl groups and start over— from the bottom— was a huge moment of courage.

“Born Again” was a fitting song to mark her rebirth. Not as SNSD’s Tiffany, but as Tiffany Young.


A major departure from the cutesy and bubblegum pop signature sound present in SNSD’s greatest hits, Tiffany croons a sultry “Because I’m owning what’s mine, confident I know I look good, babe” message of confidence in this bop.

Lips On Lips


The entire Lips On Lips EP is a bop after bop marathon and it played a vital role in redefining Tiffany as a Pop Queen who’s here to slay.

Keep in mind that this is her debut mini album, but with a tracklist where all the b-sides sound like title tracks, you know that it’s a solid one.

Lips On Lips Live Session 🔼

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