Dear TasteMakers,

It’sssss Sunday and you know what that means. We’re back to introduce our Artist of the Week…. (insert drum roll here) ONEUS!

It’s been a little over a month since these talented boys debuted, but they’ve definitely set the bar for upcoming debuts and have been holding their ground amidst fierce competition from veterans and rookies alike.

I promised myself not to stan any more groups because I’m getting too old and overloaded (heavy sigh)… But… after witnessing these moments… I’ll confess that I’m now a proud ONEUS stan.


Yes… You read that correctly. “Sloth Hwanung” first made me uwu then captured my heart forever and ever with his impersonation of the sloth from Zootopia. What a cute fella…


But, his duality though…

🔥🔥🙆 I can’t even find my wig anymore but man does Hwanung have an enthralling stage presence 😍😍

RAVN’s ENTIRE SoundCloud Channel

Main rapper, expressive vocalist. Child actor. Producer. The dad of ONEUS. Did we miss anything? I mean, ONEUS’ Ravn is definitely multi-talented, there’s no doubt about it.

His entire SoundCloud channel is like a treasure trove filled with never-ending gems. Rock, hip hop, ballads— Ravn successfully executes all of them, no matter the genre or language.

My personal favorites: LIKEACHEEZ and Heartbeat. Check them out!

Leedo’s Charismatic Rapping

With a voice deeper than the Pacific Ocean, ONEUS’ Leedo somehow crept into my heart and made his home there. I’m a sucker for rappers with deep, intimidating voices, and it looks like Leedo will be joining my rap line biases with the likes of BTS’ RM, VIXX’s Ravi and Bang Yongguk.

But be aware of whiplash— Leedo’s singing voice is quite different from his deep rapping. His members endearingly refer to him as a rapper with “two-voices.”


I’d be remiss to talk about ONEUS’ most stannable moments without mentioning Valkyrie. The song itself is a solid 10/10, but it’s the eye-catching and powerful performance that completely drew me in and sealed the fandom exit door shut.

What were some of your most stannable moments? How did you become a ONEUS fan?

Stop hesitating. Start stanning talent. Stan ONEUS. 😉

Make ONEUS and bring them to your city!