Our hearts shattered earlier this year when we heard that not all five EXID members will collectively be working under the same label anymore. However, we trust in the bond these ladies have forged over these past seven years so we know this is far from the end.

What better way to celebrate the Duality Queens and all the sexy, confident bops they’ve given us than to have one unforgettable night filled with the essential EXID dance anthems and party the night away.


Without further ado, here are classic EXID bangers that’ll get you out of your seat, away from the walls and shaking on the dance floor like there’s no tomorrow.

DDD (덜덜덜)


If you thought we’d be starting the “Quintessential EXID Party Mix” with some of their more upbeat dance anthems…….. you thought right!

“DDD” is iconic in its own right and we couldn’t think of a better song to play in the background while you’re getting ready for the (long) epic night out!

UP&DOWN (위아래)

Okay, is any EXID party list complete without the iconic “UP&DOWN”? Though countless hits from various artists have been released in the time since, “UP&DOWN” will forever be the 2014/15 SOTY in our hearts.

HOT PINK (핫핑크)


Dress code for the night? You know it… “HOT PINK” lipstick, HOT PINK dress, HOT PINK everything.

I LOVE YOU (알러뷰)


Whether you’ve been eyeing that cutie all night, or you just want to profess your undying love for your friends, “I LOVE YOU” is the perfect bop to send some flying kisses or Solji-style fancy hearts to (see the Solji-style fancy hearts 👇).


Todak Todak (토닥토닥)

We decided to throw a curveball your way and end the night with a more dalkom, cozy song.

An oldie but a goodie, here’s “Todak Todak” for your Uber/Lyft ride home.


Can you see how much we love EXID?

Make EXID to bring them to your city!


You thought it was over, huh? We most definitely cannot leave out these classics 💃💃💃💃💃

AH YEAH (아예) 🔺

L.I.E (엘라이) 🔺