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NU'EST's Newest Hits

NU'EST's Newest Hits

Hey TasteMakers! Our Artist of the Week is NU’EST - one of the most underrated K-pop talents around and vocal kings extraordinaire!

The members of NU’EST have been busy working on their overseas schedules and individual promotions, so we were thrilled to find out about their highly anticipated comeback. Their latest EP The Table was freshly released on October 21 to the delight of L.O.Λ.Es everywhere. The Table, which captures and expresses all the different facets of different kinds of love, contains a little something for everyone with its mature, refined, and versatile sounds.

Here our our top 3 essential tracks from The Table:

Stay Up All Night

“Stay Up All Night” starts off low-key with its soft piano instrumentals, but quickly blossoms into an alluring bop. This tender dance track gives off major sentimental vibes that has us feeling all types of ways. Watch them bring this wistful love song to life in their amazing live performance at their showcase 👉🏻


“LOVE ME” is the addictively vibrant and energetic title track of The Table. There’s a lot to love about this song and its loud music video - that piercing whistle to the vibrant color-scheme, to the upbeat, futuristic beat of the song and the effortless rapping: it’s easy to see why this explosive title track has quickly topped the charts and become such a hit. “LOVE ME” also features some slick choreography - check out NU’EST’s dance performance of the tune below:

Call me back

“Call Me Back” is the earworm that had us hooked within the first 20 seconds of listening. This playful track features the smoothest vocals and jazzy, bossa nova-esque rhythms that are accented by distinctive percussion beats. It’s upbeat, lighthearted, and sweet - the perfect track for a lazy Sunday morning. We’re in love! 😍

What was your favorite track off the album, TasteMakers? MAKE for NU’EST now to bring these vocal kings to your city! 🎤✨


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