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Hoody: Korea’s Own R&B Angel

Hoody: Korea’s Own R&B Angel

Our Artist of the Week is our resident girl crush Hoody, the AOMG sweetheart and K-R&B angel with the heavenly voice 💖

Hoody (also known as Kim Hyun Jung) first kicked off her career as a member of the all-female underground hip-hop crew Amourette in 2013. She later became the first (and up until a month ago, the only) female artist to be signed to AOMG, the hip-hop record label founded by Jay Park in 2015. The talented singer-songwriter writes all her own lyrics and is actively involved in producing and arranging her songs too. She is also commended for having one of the most unique and captivating vocals in the industry, which she’s shown off in her music and in various collaborations with fellow labelmates Jay Park, Gray, and Loco, as well as other celebrated Korean R&B artists such as Crush, Jinbo, and George.

This week, we’re excited to introduce our top 5 Hoody essentials:

1. Like You

“Like You” is a tender lovesick bop off Hoody’s debut mini-album On and On, and it’s the tune that got us hooked on her voice in the first place. 😍 Her distinctly sentimental vocals shine in this mellow tune produced by fellow AOMG artist Gray, which detail the leftover emotions from a past love. Hoody’s honey-like voice drizzles over the low-key beat like a match made in heaven - we love the old school R&B vibes we get from this song. Listen to her soulful live rendition of “Like You” below:


Have you ever been to Seoul’s Han river (Hangang)? Nothing beats the feeling of being sprawled on a picnic mat at the most iconic date/hangout spot, eating fried chicken and drinking beer with your friends on a balmy summer night. Hoody’s “HANGANG” is the audio embodiment of this scene; “HANGANG” sparkles with its refreshing, light, and effervescent sound, much like the AOMG singer’s addictive voice. We may be entering the colder months, but Hoody’s “HANGANG” has us feeling like it could be summer all year round. 🌴

3. Good and Evil

“Good and Evil” was one of the two songs (along with “MIRO”) from Hoody’s latest album Departure to be pre-released. The track is about the thin line between opposing views and values, and maintains a uniquely energetic rhythm which gives off an ethereal feel when paired with Hoody’s signature vocals - a clear, sweet voice with slightly husky undertones that commands the song. “Good and Evil” is a dreamy tune that sends us all on a journey of delightful self reflection.

4. Why (feat. George)

The AOMG princess manages to captivates us once again in her single “Why”, which gives off major 90’s R&B vibes with its gloriously sticky beat and soothing vocals. The Slom-produced track features underground Korean R&B singer George, whose warm voice lends itself to the amazing collaboration. Listening to “Why” makes us feel like we’re suspended mid-air, watching the world go by beneath us in slow motion; this relaxed, slow-burning track will be sure to soothe your soul.

5. Adios (feat. Gray)

Say “Adios” to all your troubles - Hoody’s heavenly voice is here to alleviate all your worries! The vibrant title track of Departure caught our attention with its upbeat melody and Hoody’s mesmerizingly sweet vocals. The breezy Cha Cha Malone-produced tune showcases the very distinct AOMG sound we all know and love, and it makes us want to get up and groove with Hoody as she basically annihilates everyone in her way in the bold music video (which features cameos from label-mates Gray, Woo Wonjae, and Code Kunst!).

Watch Hoody sing “Adios” live for some very lucky kids in the cutest video below👇

Listen to Hoody’s recently released 1st full-length album Departure below:

Which Hoody song is your favorite? MAKE for Hoody now to bring this angel and her heavenly voice to your city! 💫


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