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Eric Nam: The Nation's Multi-talented Boyfriend

Eric Nam: The Nation's Multi-talented Boyfriend

Happy Sunday, TasteMakers! Our Artist of the Week is Eric Nam, the multi-talented singer-songwriter, entertainer, and television/broadcast host we’ve all come to know and love. He’s the quintessential boy next door who captured the nation’s heart with his down-to-earth personality and heartwarming voice!

Hailing from Atlanta, the Korean-American musician is one of the most recognized stars in the Korean entertainment industry today. Following the release of a YouTube cover that went viral, Eric was invited to compete on MBC’s audition competition show “Birth of a Great Star 2”, where he placed within the Top 5 contestants. This major achievement helped launch his musical career as a solo artist, and since then, he’s released chart-topping tunes, held sold-out shows globally, and hosted a variety of television and radio broadcasts where he’s interviewed some of the brightest stars in K-pop and Hollywood. Few people have a biography as extensive and impressive as Eric Nam’s, and the nation’s boyfriend continues to surprise us with his many talents to this day.

This week, we take a look at all the times Eric Nam has wowed us with his talents and achievements:

When he was named GQ Korea’s 2016 Man of the Year

Towards the end of each year, GQ releases their annual ‘Men Of The Year’ issue to honor men that have made a cultural impact. In 2016, GQ Korea named Eric Nam one of their MOTY. Eric was also included in Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia list in 2017 for his influence within the Korean entertainment industry. We were thrilled to see him receive recognition for his many accomplishments and contributions to the industry. 🙌

When he revealed his multilingual abilities

We have a multicultural star in our midst! 🌐🌠 Eric Nam has revealed that he can speak more than 4 languages, including Korean, English, Spanish, Mandarin, and Japanese. Watch him show off his language skills below in his Spanish interview for KBS WORLD radio:

All the times he’s kept us informed and entertained

Eric Nam is renowned for having an amazingly personable and easygoing on-air personality, which he’s demonstrated on multiple variety shows and TV programs. He’s now the host of K-pop Daebak, a weekly podcast in which he spotlights K-pop’s best new songs of the week and occasionally interviews some of the artists themselves. Eric is constantly keeping us informed and entertained with his comprehensive interviews and interesting commentary, and we love him for it!

kpop daebak.png

When he showcased his amazing covers and collaborations

Have you checked out Eric Nam’s YouTube channel? It’s home to a slew of amazing covers in which he adds his own sound to fan favorites such as Billie Eilish’s “Bad Guy” and Jeremy Zucker’s “Come Thru”.

Eric has also shown that he works well with others in the industry, boasting an abundance of collaborations with big-name artists such as Timbaland, Loco, Park Ji-min, Amber Liu, Red Velvet’s Wendy, Hoya, and Seohyun of Girls’ Generation. Check out two of our favorite collaborations featuring Gallant, Tablo, and Steve James below:

Every time he’s released new music

Time and time again, Eric has awed fans all around the world with his musical releases, and his most recent comeback was no different. Eric released his new single “Love Die Young” just a few days ago on October 30, and the heartfelt tune has already left its mark on us. Featuring his signature sweet vocals and soft, dreamy instrumentals, he’s managed to punch us all in the feels with this sentimental love anthem. “Love Die Young” gives us a glimpse into his new English album Before We Begin, which will be dropping on November 14 - if you haven’t already, listen to the quietly emotional track below.


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