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September Comebacks to Spice Up Your Autumn

September Comebacks to Spice Up Your Autumn

Welcome to September, TasteMakers! The new season brings us crunchy autumn leaves, cozy knits, pumpkin spice lattes and a big gust of comebacks to look forward to throughout the month. Can you feel it in the air? 🍂🎃☕️🌬

Brace yourselves for some exciting comebacks to spice up your autumn:

September 3

Simon Dominic

September starts off with a bang! For all the k-hip hop fans out there, AOMG artist Simon Dominic will be introducing a new single on September 3 at 6:00 PM KST. The tune is set to be released just weeks after the release of his latest songs “DAx4” and “Make Her Dance” featuring Loopy and Crush.


September 4


Rookie group VANNER will be making their first comeback since their debut in February. They will be releasing their first single album 5cean : V on September 4 - check out the track list below! 👇


September 5


Soulful ballad singer Kassy will be making a comeback with her second mini-album "Rewind" on September 5. The album teaser features a harmony of breezy acoustics and soft guitar instrumentals - brace yourselves for a series of perfect autumn bops.


September 6



CLC will be returning on September 6 with the release of their digital single “Devil”. They’ve been releasing a series of lyrical teasers against some wonderfully ominous, retro-style shots.

Featuring brooding lyrics such as “I can become something worse than you can imagine”,You will cry and beg later and I won’t bat an eye”, and “Your tricks aren’t working anymore, you’ve already crossed the line”, we’re hyped for yet another creative and intriguing concept from the girls!

What do you think these lyrics mean? 🤔

September 9



FTISLAND will be releasing a new mini-album titled Zapping this month in their first comeback as a four member group. In sad news for Primadonnas, this will also be their last album before main vocalist Lee Hongki enlists in the South Korean military. Watch as Hongki belts out the title track “QUIT” with his incredibly powerful vocals live in the teaser video here:

September 10


Our favorite indie-pop duo is back! Catch the release of their new mini-album Two Five on September 10, 6:00 PM KST.


September 16


The 13-member group thrilled us with the release of their single “HIT” just last month, giving Carats a generous taste of what’s to come. SEVENTEEN will be releasing their 3rd original album titled An Ode on September 16. Check out the hypnotizing comeback trailer below!

September 19



LABOUM will be showcasing their first full album Two Of Us on September 19, which will be their first original album released since their debut five years ago. Did you know that all members participated in the production of this album? Check out their comeback schedule below and stay tuned! 🌹


September 30



TO MOON, rejoice! We finish the month off with ONEUS as the RBW group releases their 3rd mini-album. After the release of their 2nd EP back in May, we’re stoked to hear that the boys will be returning with what seems to be a celestial, space-themed concept so soon. Take a peek at the come back schedule and teaser clip below!

1566900792-20190827-oneus (1).jpg




*This comeback list is not inclusive of all September comebacks and debuts. All images, gifs and videos are copyright to their respective owners.

August Comebacks To Quench Your Thirst

August Comebacks To Quench Your Thirst

Welcome to August, TasteMakers! Can you believe we’re in our last month of summer already? We know this scorching weather must be taking its toll on you, but hang in there! We have an abundance of exciting debuts and comebacks to get you through this heatwave.

Let’s take a peek at what this month has in store for us:



August started off with a bang thanks to the debut of D1CE (formerly known as HNB). The label-mates of Dreamcatcher finally released their highly anticipated debut album Wake Up: Roll the World on August 1.

For those who haven’t checked out their latest music video for “Wake Up” yet, make sure you watch it below!



She’s back! 🙌 Our resident Queen of Pop presented us with her new single “Magnetic Moon” on August 2. Be sure to watch the stunning music video, which is brimming with dreamy retro vibes.



SEVENTEEN have recently returned with their new single HIT and really, the song title speaks for itself. We’re living for the addictive beat and powerful performance - don’t forget to MAKE for SEVENTEEN to bring them to your city!


Oh My Girl had us excited for some major summer bops with the teasers they released last month, and they didn’t disappoint! We’re already about to “Fall In Love” with the release of their summer package album. Listen to “BUNGEE (Fall In Love)” here 👇



You may have seen JBJ95 members Kenta Takada and Kim Sang-gyun on season 2 of Mnet’s Produce 101. The talented duo debuted in late 2018 with Home, and are making their comeback with the release of their mini album Spark.


Check out their summery highlight medley for Spark here:



The boys of IN2IT, who all appeared on survival show Boys24, are finally coming back after their last release “Sorry For My English” in July of 2018.

Be sure to check out “Run Away” when it drops at 6PM KST tomorrow (August 7)!


Weki Meki

Weki Meki is back! Their repackaged album WEEK END LOL will be released online on August 8 at 6 PM KST and offline on August 14. Check out the teaser schedule below!




Our favorite R&B/hip-hop crew are also set to make a comeback soon. The crew consists of Zico, Crush, Dean, Penomeco, Milic and Stay Tuned (R&B legends! Hip-hop heavyweights!! Producer masterminds!!!) and their single album “Y” will be released on August 9 at 6 PM KST, just in time for their “Y” concert in Seoul on August 10 and 11.


The Rose


Black Roses have much to look forward to as The Rose will be releasing their new single Red ahead of their world tour. Be sure to pre-order the album on MyMusicTaste here and grab your tickets for the We Rose You Live in USA tour here.


If you haven’t done so yet, MAKE for The Rose to see them in your city!



The OG Queens of K-pop are returning for their long overdue comeback later this month. They will be releasing an album comprised of their most beloved hits to celebrate their 21st anniversary, including hits such as “Eternal Love”, “To My Boyfriend” and “Blue Rain”. Pinky, rejoice!



Stay tuned for Kwon Hyun Bin, who will make his debut on August 19 under his new stage name VIINI. The YGX model, actor and rapper is set to make his solo debut with the release of his first mini album Dimension.




We’re excited for the debut of X1, a boy group formed of the top 11 contestants of Produce X 101. X1 will be debuting with the their mini-album on August 27, and will also be holding their first showcase performance on the same day.



Sunmi | Jessi | UP10TION | LOONA | Celeb Five


*This comeback list is not inclusive of all August comebacks and debuts. All images, gifs and videos are copyright to their respective owners.

A Heatwave of July Comebacks

A Heatwave of July Comebacks

Welcome to July, TasteMakers!

gfriend sunny summer gif.gif

We’ve finally hit the hottest month of the year with sweltering heatwaves, and to add to the already blazing weather, we’ve got some of the hottest KPOP names returning to heat up our summer.

In all honesty, we don’t handle hot weather well so we’re glad we’ll be getting a lot of bombtastic bangers to keep us sated (and indoors) this month.

Check out the calescent July comeback lineup:

July 1


GFRIEND has consistently been producing hit after hit and they once again lived up to their digital monster-status with their recent “Fever” comeback.

It seems GFRIEND tried out a maturer style and sound this time; a departure from their bubbly and anime-esque signature brand while maintaining their uniquely GFRIEND flair. In the past, this has proven to be somewhat of a risky conversion for girl groups in the KPOP industry, but we’re convinced that GFRIEND slayed this oftentimes perilous girl group transition.

We might be just a liiiiittle biased, but GFRIEND is one of those girl groups that look and sound so much better (than they already do) IRL. Don’t miss your chance to see them live…

Get your tickets to see these summer fairies! 👇


This one is a bit of a bittersweet comeback as it’s not quite a comeback but more of a farewell (for now).

EXO member and rising actor, D.O., enlisted in the military on July 2nd with his fellow members coming together to send him off.

In addition to a powerful performance on domestic music charts, D.O.’s “That’s Okay” also topped numerous iTunes charts around the world.

We hope D.O. has a safe service and are already counting down the months till we see him again!


July 2


Arguably one of the most talented and powerful KPOP divas, Ailee also made her grand return on July 2nd with her studio album, butterFLY, and title song, “Room Shaker.”

Let us tell you— this was not quite the concept nor sound we expected from Ailee, but damn were we blown away by her versatility and mature new sound. “Room Shaker” is catchy AF and the perfect song to play while you’re getting ready for a hot summer night out.

Jay Park

The one and only Mr. CEO, Park Jaebum, aka Jay Park, released another mini-album earlier this week with “Nothing Matters.”

This was a very quick comeback after his recent The Road Less Taken album dropped last month, but it’s still a welcomed one— after all, you can never have too much Jay @parkitrighthere in your life…are we right or are we right? 🙃

Jay Park will have a very busy second half of 2019 as he’ll be embarking on his SEXY 4EVA world tour. If you wanna see Jay Park flexin’ IRL…

Get your…. 🎟🎟🔻


July 7



Heize will be releasing “We Don’t Talk Together'“ on the 7th.

“We Don’t Talk Together” is produced by BTS’ Suga who previously demonstrated his midas-touch producing abilities through his collaborations with KPOP legends and female soloists (Suran, Lee Sora, and EPIK HIGH).

Our money’s on this collab sweeping domestic music charts for at least a good few weeks before becoming a verified digital monster. Come back on June 7th to see if our prediction came true!

July 10

EXO Baekhyun

(Solo debut)


Okay EXO-Ls, Baekhyun’s solo debut is quickly approaching. Are you ready?

We’ve already been blessed with his smooth and refined vocals a few times in the past thanks to his drama OSTs and SMSTATION singles, but now that we’re getting an official debut, we’re half dying of happiness and half dreading it… dreading it because we already know we’re going to be slayed by his vocals and visuals…

Just this brief 46-second teaser was enough to make us collectively throw our wigs and hearts to the ground in despair… Baekhyun… what are you doing to us?

July 15


Mark your calendars (and grab your wallets) for a summer DAY6 comeback— July 15 is when “The Book of Us: Gravity” will be released at 6pm KST.

We have a DAY6 fan in our office and we know she’s been awaiting this comeback for a while now. Musically, we don’t know too much about the upcoming comeback just yet, but we do know that the talented Young K participated in the songwriting processes for all six songs. We also know that DAY6 very rarely (read: never) leaves us disappointed with their music.


DAY6 will also be staying busy the second half of 2019 and well into 2020 as they’ll be meeting many of their international fans through their GRAVITY world tour.



The swoonworthy, and trendsetting KNK men will be making their fashionable return on the 15th as well.

KNK Week will begin on the 6th and conclude with the grand finale music video release on the 15th. “KNK S/S Collection” is the name of the game and we’re stoked to see what these model-like men will rock this time around.


Also, EU Tinkerbells, keep an eye on MyMusicTaste’s social media channels (Twitter, Facebook) for more information on KNK’s upcoming Sunrise Tour in Europe!

July 22


Chanyeol x Sehun (Subunit debut)

July is going to be every EXO-L’s dream as we’ll be staying extremely well-fed with never-ending EXO content.

EXO members Chanyeol and Sehun will be making their sub-unit debut as EXO-SC. This won’t be Chanyeol and Sehun’s first time showing off their flaming bromance and chemistry. They previously released a duet, “We Young,” as a SMSTATION single.

If we had to pitch some guesses, we feel like their music and style will be upbeat and bright. Dynamic Duo’s Gaeko shared a teaser of himself in the studio with Sehun and Chaneyol a few days ago so it’ll also be safe to assume that there will be some sort of hip-hop element to their debut.

chanyeol sehun summercomeback.jpg

How excited are you for these flamin’ hot summer comebacks? Are you already feelin’ the heat?

It’s about to get a lot hotter this month so make sure you stay hydrated and quench your thirst by streaming these July comebacks + making on MyMusicTaste! 😜


D1CE, Pentagon, Kang Daniel, ITZY, PSY







*Please note that this comeback list is not inclusive of all July comebacks. All images and gifs are copyright to their respective owners.

June Comebacks to Blaze Up Your Summer 🔥

June Comebacks to Blaze Up Your Summer 🔥

Happy June, TasteMakers!

Well…we’re finally here. It feels like we’ve been hyping up and yearning for those warm summer nights since last year. But we’ve already reached the halfway point of 2019! Isn’t it crazy when we say it like that?

Time really seems to fly when you have some pretty sick music to accompany you and though we had some incredible releases and bops in the first half of 2019, here are the JUNE COMEBACKS to start off the 2nd half of 2019 with a bang!


B1A4 Sandeul (solo)

B1A4’s Sandeul made his solo comeback today with “A Fine Day”!

Be sure to check out his single, composed and written by the legendary Yoon Jong Shin.


PLT JUNE (solo)

Today at 6pm, PLT’s June released his solo, “Tonight” giving us some major ‘90s, groovy vibes to get us up and dancing.

Show this talented singer-songwriter some love by streaming “Tonight” and don’t forget to make June now!


Teen Top


Almost a year later, Teen Top will be returning tomorrow with their “DEAR N9NE” album. Check out the tracklist below:



SM Entertainment dropped a surprise on us last week when they announced a BoA comeback. The OG KPOP Queen will be making her “Feedback” return on June 4th, 6pm KST to help us stay cool this summer.



One of the reasons we love KPOP summer comebacks is because of the beachy, Cali-girl music video aesthetics and we know that WJSN is ready to simultaneously serve major looks and give us some ear candy!

Be sure to check out “Boogie Up” when it drops at 6PM KST tomorrow (June 4th).


Girl groups rule summer bops and we have a strong feeling that fromis_9 is in the running for the Summer Queens title. Check out the “Fun Factory” teaser below 👇



Ha Sung Woon

Just a few months after his “Bird” solo debut in February, Ha Sung Woon will be returning on June 5th (not that we’re complaining)! More details will be released in the upcoming days.



Jay Park

We are beyond excited for a #SummerJayPark comeback!

Jay Park will be releasing his full-album, “The Road Less Traveled,” on June 7th. This is an album he’s been teasing on social media since December of last year, so we have full faith that the final product will be well-worth the hype.

Can’t wait a few more days for some twerkable Jay Park songs? Check out his newest release “K-TOWN” 👇

And be sure to grab your tickets for his SEXY 4EVA Moscow and Helsinki shows (details coming soon) with MyMusicTaste!


Heo Young Saeng

Heo Young Saeng will be releasing “Moment,” his fourth mini-album on June 7th.

Don’t forget to make him at MyMusicTaste to hear all his recent releases (plus some throwbacks ;)) in your city.





That’s right, ATINY! ATEEZ will be keeping us well-fed with some unbelievable * cough, cough Song of the Year * music and content this summer.

You can’t blame us for being just a liiiiittle biased, right? As many of you may know, we’re living for #WAVEATEEZ and #ILLUSIONATEEZ these days. Tune into MNET on June 10th to find out if ATEEZ will be promoting with the song you voted for!

And if you haven’t already, be sure to pre-order your copy of “Treasure Ep. 3: One to All”!



yunho (tvxq), JEON SOMI, Stray Kids, Red Velvet, GFRIEND, ChungHa, iKON, Ailee, Yesung, TRCNG,


May The Comebacks Be With You

May The Comebacks Be With You

Happy May, TasteMakers!

Some of the K-pop jedis (soloists) will be starting us off this month by making their grand returns. Later, two of the biggest boy groups known for their solid international fanbases will be making their comebacks to finish off the month.

Let’s take a peak at the upcoming comebacks that’ll have you saying:




If the first comeback of the month is any indicator, May is going to be a brilliantly luminescent one as Kim Donghan will be making his solo comeback on May 1st.

We have a few passionate Kim Donghan fans in our office so it’s safe to say, we’re pretty stoked for this comeback and counting down the hours to 6pm KST. Take a listen to his album highlight below and (if you aren’t already) get excited with us!


Don’t forget to make Kim Donghan now to bring this fella to your city!



One of our Artists of the Week from last month, Park Bom is coming back to grace us with some more eargasmic music. Her upcoming single will feature MAMAMOO’s Whee In.

A MAMAMOO X 2NE1 collab? Are we ready for this girl crush talent explosion?

…Honestly, we’re not quite sure we’ll survive, but we’ll do our best. As Yoda said: “Do. Or do not. There is no try.”


Golden Child

A new Golden Child comeback means more GOLDEN puns for us to make… >:)

But all puns aside, from their recently released teaser, we can already feel the spring breeze wafting over and the whimsical, radiant, boyish charms that their title track, “그러다 봄,” will deliver. Spring may almost be over, but Golden Child is ready to blossom with this impending comeback.

golden child 1.jpg



WooHyun will be releasing his third mini album, “A New Journey” on May 7th, 6pm KST.

WooHyun has been staying busy balancing musical rehearsals for “Mefisto,” and his upcoming Asian tour. More details will be released as May 7th draws near.




Seven months after his last comeback, Eric Nam will be returning to us on May 8th. We don’t know the details yet, but honestly Eric Nam is one of those artists we can trust 110% in to treat us to high-quality music and content.

If you haven’t already, treat yourself to some Eric Nam goodies and check out his K-Pop Daebak podcast (on Apple Podcasts) and/or his drunk live singing with his brothers below:

Listen to his podcast HERE:  K-Pop Daebak with Eric Nam

Listen to his podcast HERE: K-Pop Daebak with Eric Nam



The concept-slayers of the KPOP industry aka, Korea’s “Concept Fairies.” With every comeback, Oh My Girl wows us with their ingenious, airy, girlish charms and concepts. We have a very strong feeling this comeback will go above and beyond their already sky-high standards. Oh My Girl will be returning with their first full-length album, “The Fifth Season,” on May 8th.

If you haven’t checked out their Swan Lake-esque, primadonna individual teaser photos yet, be sure to do so!


MAY 13


ONEUS’ brother group, ONEWE, is set to make their long-awaited (re)debut on May 13. It’s been a hot minute since we’ve had another new K-pop band to listen to so we’re really quite stoked.

Some fans may already know that this is not the members’ first debut— Yonghoon, Harin, Kanghyun, Dongmyeong and Cya— already have quite the stage experience under their belt. The members previously debuted under the name, MAS 0094, back in 2015 and collectively participated on idol survival shows such as “Produce 101” and “The Unit.”


MAY 20


GOT7’s long-awaited comeback is set to drop on May 20th. Along with their new album, GOT7 will visit their international iGOT7 on their world tour, set to kick off on June 15th and 16th.


MAY 24

NCT 127

NCT has been in the headlines nonstop these days as they’ve been on various US talk shows making their way across the world for their tour. Fans were treated to a sneak preview of their comeback track, “Superhuman”, when they previewed it on “Good Morning America” earlier last month. Check it out 👇

As per usual, with the SM groups, we cannot overlook the b-sides in their albums, and we’ll be getting 5 of them this time around: “Highway to Heaven,” “Fool,” “Jet Lag,” “Paper Plane,” and “Outro: We are 127.”



A.c.e, winner, EXID, Jun Somi, Brown Eyed Girls, Weki Meiki, LADIES’ CODE


April: The Supernova Month of Comebacks

April: The Supernova Month of Comebacks

April is upon us! And oh my, is it going to be a month of great eargasms for me. It’s also going to be an extremely competitive month with some of the biggest KPOP names returning to reclaim their thrones. For us fans, and TasteMakers, it’s time to get our make on and #StopWishingStartMaking for these artists to stop by your city on their next tour!

giphy (1).gif

April 1

EXO Chen (Solo Debut)

Ah, how I missed Chen’s sweet yet powerful voice. We’re starting off April with the first EXO member to make an official solo debut!

Bless your ears with Chen’s “Beautiful goodbye” and don’t forget to make if you’d like to bring him to your city!


IZONE will also be making their comeback today with HEART*IZ. Check out their teaser below!

April 2


It wouldn’t be spring without a Bolbbalgan4 release and as usual, I know they won’t be disappointing us this time around. The duo will be making their comeback on April 2 with season-fitting mini album, “Youth Diary 1: Flower Energy.”


April 3

NU’EST MinHyun (Solo Debut)

NU’EST’s MinHyun will be releasing his solo single, “Universe” ahead of NU’EST’s full group comeback.

April 5

B.A.P DaeHyun

B.A.P’s DaeHyun will be returning on the 5th with his self-composed mini-album “Chapter 2 ‘27”. He will also be meeting fans through a solo concert in Seoul on the 27th.



The fierce and sassy ladies of BLACKPINK are coming back to reclaim your area!

This time, they’ll be dropping a mini-album with 5 songs (including title song- “Kill This Love”): Don’t Know What to Do (sub-title), “Kick It,” “Hope Not” and a remix of “DDU-DU DDU-DU.”


Check out Lisa’s MV teaser released earlier today!

April 11

VIXX Ravi and GFRIEND Eunha

VIXX’S Ravi and GFRIEND’s Eunha will be releasing “Blossom” on April 11. Produced by the trending K-hiphop/K-RnB producers, Groovy Room, I’m predicting this single will be a seasonal digital monster.


April 12


With the world’s interest and spotlight on them, BTS will be making their grand return on April 12. RM got us hyped with the release of “MAP OF THE SEOUL : PERSONA” last week, and with the constant release of teasers + concept photos, they surely are keeping ARMYs well-fed.

We don’t know too much about the title track, MV or track list just yet, but judging by the recently unveiled concept photos, it feels like PERSONA will be a bright and bold concept to denote the beginning of a new BTS era.

1jpg (1).jpg

ARMYs, are you ready to go? Ready to fly?

Let’s get ready to sing along: PERSONA. Who the hell am I? I just wanna go, I just wanna fly. I just wanna give you all the voices till I die. I just wanna give you all the shoulders when you cry.

April 13

1THE9 (Debut)

Formed through survival show, “Under 19,” 1THE9 will be making their debut on the 13th!



Kang Daniel, Twice, Eric Nam, WINNER


February Comebacks to Steam Up Your Winter!

February Comebacks to Steam Up Your Winter!

The way it looks right now, February will turn out to be a mix of seasoned veterans returning to the scene and new debuts gearing up to mark their place in K-pop history.

Without further ado, here are some February comebacks to help you dance the cold away and steam up your winter!

February 4- Kim Hyun Joong

Kim Hyun Joong will start off the slew of February comebacks with the release of his studio album, “NEW WAY,” on the 4th. It’s reported that Kim Hyun Joong directly participated in the composing, arranging and producing of this upcoming album.


February 11- TST (Top Secret)

TST will be making a five-member comeback on February 11, sans Wooyoung who will be sitting out this promotion in order to focus on recovering his health.

Though details regarding their upcoming comeback have been kept a top secret (full pun intended), we’re excited to see what new side they’ll reveal to us this time.


February 11- SHINee’s Taemin

SHINee’s Taemin is set to make his grand return on February 11 with his second mini album, “WANT.” As we can guess from the title and teaser photos, WANT will most likely be a sexy and fatal concept that’ll surely steam up our cold winter.

Honestly, after the numerous MOVE-inspired covers and parodies that blew up with Taemin’s last comeback, I’m personally so excited to see the new iconic performances he’ll bring this time around!


February 18th- ITZY (Debut)

Although this isn’t quite a comeback, we can’t leave out the hot debut everyone has been waiting for… JYP’s new girl group, ITZY, will make their debut on the 18th. I think it’s safe to assume that ITZY will be more girl-crush than bubblegum K-pop.

With many Korean and international fans calling ITZY a mix of Red Velvet and BLACKPINK, only time will show us what new girl group history these monster rookies will write!

February 20th- Yoon JiSung

Like many WANNABLES, I was crushed when WANNA ONE disbanded earlier this year. However, Yoon JiSung fans, fearnot! His company has confirmed that he is set to make his solo debut with an album on the 20th.


Not too much info regarding the concept yet, but with news that Lee Dae Hwi is set to gift a B-side track, we’re definitely looking forward to a reunion of WANNA ONE’s talents as well as the opportunity to hear Yoon JiSung’s potential as a soloist.


DreamCatcher - TBD

Happy Face Entertainment announced DreamCatcher’s winter comeback. Specific dates are unknown yet, however, they did drop a mysterious teaser on DreamCatcher’s Instagram.

“Metal Queens” is how one of our MMT members has monikered them in our office due to their avant-garde, metal music color. I’m ready for my ears to be blessed by their new release. Are you?


There’s increasing interest from the Korean public in SF9’s upcoming comeback after Chani’s appearance in the immensely popular drama, Sky Castle.

We don’t have too much info just yet about the impending comeback, but with the hush hush and fanfare ;) surrounding this comeback— it might turn out to be SF9’s most powerful one yet.



After the release of  “ARE YOU THERE?” just four months ago, the seven charismatic men of MONSTA X are set to make a February comeback and steam up our winter. No confirmation on the date or concept just yet, but I’m crossing my fingers for a possible world tour?


Some other groups and soloists rumored to make a February comeback: WINNER, Jisook (former RAINBOW member), Henry, Hwasa (Mamamoo), SEVEN, HyoMin, LOONA, Kwon JinAh, SATURDAY.

July Sunniest Comebacks to check

July Sunniest Comebacks to check

Hello TasteMakers

How is summer treating you so far?

But summer is never complete without Kpop’s summer bops! Isnt it?