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The 4 Seasons of Park Bom

The 4 Seasons of Park Bom

Dear TasteMakers,

Today’s Artist of the Week is bringing the “FIRE” this “SPRING”. She’s a fierce and talented lady who “YOU & I” both know is a digital-chart killer. Although she’s been on somewhat of a hiatus for the past eight years, “DON’T CRY”, because she’s back now to “CRUSH” her competition.

Park Bom (Queen Bom) says hello 👋

Park Bom (Queen Bom) says hello 👋

Without further ado, here are four Park Bom songs to soundtrack and accompany you all year round.


Spring (봄)

This one was too easy, wasn’t it? In the spring, you definitely need to listen to Park Bom’s “SPRING.”

This comeback was a highly personal yet bittersweet one to her; for starters, “SPRING” is Park Bom’s first solo comeback in eight years and it featured 2NE1 bandmate, Sandara Park. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the title, music video, imagery and lyrics all have symbolic meaning in their own respective ways.

But, perhaps all these separate pieces weave together to show that although she may be ready for this new season in her life, she’ll always have a deep appreciation for her roots and where she came from.



Fake (ex)friends beware, Bom is coming for you in “SHAMEFUL.” The upbeat rhythm further embellishes the IDGAF lyrics and overall message of the song. “SHAMEFUL” will dually serve as your summer dance and empowerment anthem.


MY LOVER (내연인) 

Fall = ballads, no doubts about it.

Fall is the season for ballads and “MY LOVER” can definitely compete with even the most seasoned fall ballad favorites.



Gahhh, one of my favorite 00s KPOP songs of all time. I can actually still recall where I was exactly when I listened to “YOU & I” for the very first time.

Everything about this song, from the intro to the lyrics and music video are a 10/10 for me.

BTW: Any BLACKJACKs here remember Bom’s legendary “YOU & I” NOLZA performance with her older sister accompanying her on the cello? ➡️


Bom is planning to once again grace us with another hit song this spring featuring MAMAMOO’s Wheein. This Wheein x Bom collab is set to drop on May 2nd.

If you wanna hear her new discography along with some of her classics LIVE in your city, be sure to make her now!


Groovy Everywhere: An (Un)helpful Intro to GroovyRoom

Groovy Everywhere: An (Un)helpful Intro to GroovyRoom

Dear TasteMakers,

Today I get to introduce you to one of my personal favorite producer duos in the Korean RnB/Hip Hop scene.

Like the intellectuals you are, I’m sure you’ve heard of the DJ signature sound, “Groovy Everywhere” at the beginning of some of the littest(?) songs.

GroovyRoom has worked with some of the major movers and shakers in the K-RnB/K-Hip Hop world— Jay Park, Dok2, Heize, Suran, Crush, Sik-K, Hyolyn, Babylon, and Younha— just to name a few.

So let’s get to know this power duo a little better; here’s your (un)helpful intro to GroovyRoom.

1. They’re regular producers on the survival hip hop show, High School Rapper

They mentored season 2 winner, HAON, and led him to his victory. We were also fortunate enough to get some legendary GROOVYROOM x HAON ear candy such as “BOONG BOONG” (take a listen below and thank me later 🙃).

2. They’re building their YouTube following by uploading candid and well-edited (crack-like video) content



3. They love what they do and keep a fun and light-hearted work environment

One of the reasons their songs are such feel-good beats is because these guys have so much fun when they work and genuinely love what they do. As Gyujeong shared in one of his Instagram lives, he never set out to become a producer, but it became a natural path simply because he enjoyed producing and making music.

4. They’re signed to H1GHER MUSIC and often collaborate with their labelMATES

These are the collabs of the century you probably didn’t even realized you needed until now.

Make sure you turn on CC for English subs.


Feat. Park Jae-Bum, Heize


SiK-K, pH-1, Jay Park (prod by. GroovyRoom)

“TODAY (오늘은)”

NELL X GroovyRoom

True to their DJ signature sound, GroovyRoom shows off their mastery of all genres, spreading their catchy grooves everywhere.

Personally, it always sounds like there’s a lot of layering going on in GroovyRoom’s music and it’s a testament to their keen producing eye that they’re able to discern and match artists to songs/beats that’ll complement them.

5. Popular to contrary belief, they don’t (can’t*) usually rap or sing in their music

No shade intended 😅

As musically-gifted as they are, neither Gyujeong nor Hwimin sing or rap in their songs. But for your viewing pleasure, here’s Hwimin trying his best (starting at 0:23).

Be sure to bring these guys to your city and get your groove on!

Make GroovyRoom now.


Future Pop Sweetheart: Johnny Orlando

Future Pop Sweetheart: Johnny Orlando

Happy Sunday, TasteMakers!

As you may have heard, we’re working with Johnny Orlando to bring him to your city.

Today, we wanna introduce you to this young, talented cutie who we think may be one of the next chart-topping pop sweethearts.

Without further ado, let’s learn more about Johnny Orlando!

TLDR: The Quick Facts

  • He’s been posting covers on YouTube since waaaay back

  • He’s a regular vlogger. Check out his most recent Carpool Karaoke video HERE!

  • He’s Canadian! From the country home to mega-talented stars such as Shawn Mendes, Justin Bieber, Drake (!!), Celine Dion, Ryan Gosling (!!!!). Johnny Orlando hails from Ontario, CA

  • He may be young (16 years old) but he’s got a discography that will get you up and dancing all night long

#TeenageFever playlist

What If

“What If” has been stuck in my head ever since I first heard it. It is such an underappreciated bop. I dare you not to sing along to the catchy “I know you know, what if I told you I liked you. We stay, we go, what if I told you I liked you. I know you, you know, what if….” chorus.

Deep Down

Fun fact: “Deep Down” was written by one of Johnny’s talented sisters, Darian Orlando, as well as Casey Smith and Nick Ruth who have worked with stars like OneRepublic, Olivia O’Brien, Carly Rae Jepsen and Kelly Clarkson.


Sleep was written by Johnny along with his team of songwriters: Linnea Södahl, Hampus Lindvall, and Darian Orlando. This song was also the origin of the “Sleep on beds, don’t sleep on Johnny Orlando!” campaign 😜

Johnny Has A Message For You!

So TasteMakers, if you want Johnny in your city, be sure to #StopWishingStartMaking Johnny Orlando!


When I said Johnny has been posting covers on YouTube since “waaaay back”, I was not kidding.

For your daily dose of uwu, here’s some of baby Johnny Orlando’s covers:

Best Of: The Jonas Brothers

Best Of: The Jonas Brothers

Our Artist of the Week is none other than my teenage loves, The Jonas Brothers. (Throwback to my Mrs. Nick Jonas days…. *le sigh)

Top 3 (G)-IDLE B-Sides

Top 3 (G)-IDLE B-Sides

In honor of our multitalented princess’ comeback AND women’s month, I just had to make (G)I-DLE our Artist of the Week.

We already know how catchy and versatile the (G)-IDLE girls are thanks to LATATA, HANN, and the recently released Señorita, but here are three of (G)-IDLE’s top b-sides*, in my humble opinion!

*B-sides are songs on an album that aren’t the title track.


What’s Your Name

The ladies of (G)I-DLE ask what’s your name in this trendy and energetic dance track. I still can’t believe we haven’t seen a live performance yet! Anyone down to start a petition for a live performance?

$$$ (DOLLAR)

$$$ immediately caught my attention because of the title, but also Soyeon’s mad rapid fire in the intro… And then I immediately got whiplash with main vocal, Miyeon’s, melodic voice changing up the pace less than a second later.

Ah… just give me a second to recover from the amount of slayage in this song.


Without a doubt, (G)I-DLE has the visuals, the vocals, can spit fire, compose and songwrite, but did you know they can also serve ballads?

A switch from their usual energetic hits, (G)I-DLE’s vocal line fully masters the emotional delivery of the lyrics in “HEAR ME”. Soojin and Yuqi’s unique vocal colors really shine in this piece as well.


So TasteMakers, which one of (G)I-DLE’s b-sides have been on repeat for you lately? What are your thoughts on their latest comeback?

Make now to bring (G)I-DLE to your city.

Stream (G)I-DLE’s latest release, Señorita: