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A Pentagon Song For Each Hogwarts House

A Pentagon Song For Each Hogwarts House

Dear TasteMakers,

For our Artist of the Week this time around, we decided to combine two of our favorite things: the magical, mystical wizarding world of Harry Potter and Pentagon’s high-quality discography. A new and unexpected meeting of our all-things-Hogwarts-related knowledge and one of KPOP’s most underrated gems.

Here are some of Pentagon’s songs paired up with

their respective Hogwarts house moods.



bravery, nerve, chivalry

Think about Gryffindors right before a Quidditch match… They’d probably listen to something like “Just do it yo!” to pump themselves up before a really important game or round up after a sore loss.

“What’s the point of saying what’s obvious? What’s the Point of asking what’s obvious? That’s how I feel.”

…Something we reeeeally wanted to say to pre-Deathly Hallows Ron and Hermione*!

*(Deathly Hallows is when Ron and Hermione finally made all the Romione shippers out there happy and got together.)

We think Pentagon’s “Critical Beauty” is the perfect soundtrack to describe what a Gryffindor in love would be like (Ron -> Hermione, Harry -> Cho Chang… were all the Gryffindors in love this obvious? 😜)



Caring, Hardworking, Loyal

source (1).gif

We’d be remiss if we didn’t say that “Shine” is a total Hufflepuff mood.

At first, we were sure this was a Gryffindor song but by the time we got to the 0:46 mark— the completely softie and somewhat self-deprecating chorus, we were convinced that “Shine” falls under the Hufflepuff house:

“I don’t have courage, I’m sorry. Laugh at me as much as you like. Yes, I am a loser, loser who loves you. Yes, I’m a fool, fool.”

To all the Hufflepuffs in our lives, we say this with nothing but love!


Inquisitive, Clever, Witty

“Even IF the rainstorm comes, I’ll keep on running. Like this.

My dream, I won’t stop. I’m divinG”

We feel like there’s always been a very thin line between the traits that divide the House of Slytherin and House of Ravenclaw— these two houses have a lot more in common with just a few contrasting, dominant characteristics that make Slytherins, Slytherins and Ravenclaws, Ravenclaws.

Although “Like This” might sound more Slytherin than Ravenclaw, have no doubts about it— “Like This” is an anthem for all the determined Cho Changs out there.


Those of Great Ambition


With its slightly aggressive and threatening “I can’t miss you. You make my heart beat and make me beat my chest. Like a gorilla, like a gorilla” intimidation, if “Gorilla” isn’t a Slytherin mood, we really don’t know what is.

Hm, well maybe the Hip Hop Unit’s “Lost Paradise” is a close second…


What’d you think, TasteMakers? Did we sort some of your favorite Pentagon tracks into the right Hogwarts Houses? 🔮

If you were the Sorting Hat, what House would you have sorted these tracks into? Let us know and don’t forget to…

📣 Get the details on Pentagon’s upcoming



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To (All) The Boyz We've Loved Before

To (All) The Boyz We've Loved Before

We tried something different this time around. Are you perhaps interested in seeing what stereotype The Boyz would’ve been in high school? Were they perhaps The Boyz you loved?

Without further ado, here are

the 12 members. the 12 boys we love.

And the 5 types of boys we’ve loved them as.


The Summer Romance Guy

The Boyz in “KeePer” are the summer romance-type of boys.

With the summer well underway, do you have any plans to head to that Pinterest-worthy resort getaway? Watch out, you might discover a wild New on the beach serenading you with a sweet “Things that hurt you, people who hit your nerve. I’ll protect you by hovering around you to remove them” confession.

The Boys Next Door

AKA Your First Love

The Boyz in “Bloom Bloom” and “I’m Your Boy” are arguably your Peter Kavinskys.

They’re your best friends. The approachable guys. But, you know, maybe not too approachable cause after all, holy (unreal) visuals!

These boys are the ones who’ll be there for you through all the ups and downs of high school and life. With their clean, and straight-A images, we’re pretty convinced that The(se) Boyz could’ve been our first loves in another lifetime.

Stereotypical Bad Boy


The bad boys. You know it’s a bad idea to fall deeply for them. You know you’re supposed to stay away but they’re just way too irresistible.

The “No Air” Boyz may have that bad boy facade, but when they croon, ”You’re letting me breathe. You’re making everything bright. I believe, wherever you are. You’re the only sun to me” how are you supposed to stay away?

“You can’t avoid me. The moment we meet eyes. You know it all. Don’t pretend you don’t know. Your smile talks to me. I should come to you, and learn about you.”

You probably didn’t expect “Right Here” to be under this category. But, don’t be fooled, The Boyz are homme fatale in this otherwise bright and energetic dance number. Although they may look sweet, they’ve got you exactly where they want you to be… “Right Here.”

The Guys You’d See on Glee

AKA the Singing Athletes

We’re treading on very unrealistic territory right now— I mean, how many preppy athletes do you/did you know in high school that could sing and dance as flawlessly as The Boyz?

If we had to characterize The Boyz in “Giddy Up” as our high school stock characters, we’d have to say they’re very Glee club/High School Musical-like. Very Troy Bolton and Finn Hudson.

The Old Soul

Sentimental, sensitive, artistic

The “Walkin’ In Time” Boyz are old souls. They’re also sensitive and reflective.

They’re probably one of those really mysterious guys that sit next to the fourth window at the corner of the classroom and barely talk to anyone, come in five minutes before the bell rings, but ace pretty much every quiz/test thrown their way. They’re often found scrabbling lyrics or doodling in their notebook while the autumn leaves breeze by.


What do you think, The Bs? Did we get your favorites categorized in the right persona?

Which music video would you like to have seen included or recategorized under?

The Boyz would like to come to your city! If you’d like to see them…

Can’t Get Enough of The Boyz? Check out their skits 🔻

Curious about The Boyz in their natural habitat?

AKA Chaotic Boyz? 🔻

All images, gifs and videos are copyright to their respective owners.

Disclaimer: The author had a little too much fun writing this post and these high-school stereotypes are all collected from her “extensive” knowledge of awkward high school/tween dramas/movies. In no way whatsoever does she hope to perpetuate the high school stereotype or class individuals into a certain mold.

Artist to Watch: Maddox

Artist to Watch: Maddox


You heard it here first, but we think Maddox is the next potential K-R&B crooner who’ll be snatching hearts (and wigs) worldwide.

Our TasteMakers are probably already very familiar with Maddox’s labelmates— power rookies, ATEEZ, and our Artist of the Week alumni, Babylon— but today we’ll be talking about this gem of a R&B singer we’ve recently discovered and cannot get enough of.

Maddox will be a special guest on ATEEZ’s upcoming Australia tour. So before you attend the concert, check out our Top 3 Maddox songs you should take a listen to…and thank us later 🙃

1. But Maybe

“But Maybe” we fell too deeply in love with Maddox the first 7 seconds of the song and cannot find the escape.

Maddox croons, “I want to be your sleeping pill. Don’t wanna keep you all up tonight. I want to be your wake up pill, I’ll keep your morning ever so bright” in this chill, late-night ride type of song.

2. Easy (Mac Ayres Cover)

“Easy” was the first Maddox song we heard and were instantly hooked by his sweet voice. We’re also living for the cute, uwu interaction between Maddox and his talented pianist at 4:27. We could write an entire essay about this video but we’ll let you take a listen for yourself.

3. Engine

Maddox sings entirely in English and something about his delicate vocal color and register reminds us of the likes of Frank Ocean— someone Maddox has cited as one of his musical influences.


Aussie ATINY will be in for a huge treat when they hear Maddox live!

If you also want to hear Maddox in your city, show this button some love.


And if you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your tickets to see ATEEZ and Maddox in Australia!


Watch Maddox’s Debut Interview 🔻

Thought his voice sounded familiar?

You probably heard it here… 🔻

Can’t get enough of Maddox? Bless your ears with his official Soundcloud channel 🔻

ITZY: The New Generation Dancing Queens

ITZY: The New Generation Dancing Queens


We’ve never been disappointed by a JYP girl group debut and ITZY is no exception.

Now we know JYP trains their potential starlets extensively in all areas necessary to become a well-rounded idol — singing, dancing, acting and foreign languages— just to name a few. But we’ve noticed that their girl groups are all exceptionally outstanding at dancing.

Which bring us to ITZY, JYP’s newest girl group, who’s been killing it in the choreography, live performance and stage presence departments since their debut.

Let’s get to know the ITZY members and explore their various dancing styles and techniques.


ITZY’s main dancer, Yeji, never disappoints.

With her sharp and powerful movements, Yeji is sleek and captivating on stage. Your eyes are instinctively drawn to her when ITZY performs and for this reason, we can often find her slaying in the center of ITZY’s formation.

We can’t be the only ones who attempted Yeji’s iconic floor sweeping move at home…in front of our mirror…right…?




We’d like to sum up Lia’s dance technique in 2 words: feminine and fluid. Lia’s moves flow smoothly throughout “DALLA DALLA” and she definitely adds a more softer and girlish aspect to ITZY’s overall tough girl-crush concept.

It’s difficult singing live and keeping up with their challenging choreography, but as ITZY’s official main vocal, Lia holds the fort down for their performances.

Also, Lia is hair flips goals and gives us major hair envy on the daily.



Even long before her official debut, ITZY’s girl-crush member and center, Ryujin, was recognized and loved for her professional and indescribably charming way of dancing.

There’s something about Ryujin’s poised movements that makes it difficult to look away from her. She’s also already a professional master of duality— a certified cutie offstage, but strong and charismatic onstage.



Chaeryeong is another member who was widely recognized for her smooth yet sharp style of dancing long before her debut.

ITZY fans may already be familiar with this fun fact, but both Chaeryeon and her sister, IZ*ONE’s Chaeyeon, appeared on numerous survival programs before their official debuts where they wowed both audience members and judges alike with their confidence, skill and stage presence. Chaeryeong is ITZY’s main dancer (along with Yeji) and we can definitely see why she holds this position in the team.



Bright and energetic. Yuna is a natural performer who enjoys performing and you can definitely see it through her expressions.

Yuna’s executions look very natural and polished- which is an impressive feat considering “DALLA DALLA” was ITZY’s debut song and Yuna’s first round of promotions. Talk about major star potential.

Oh and BTW, Yuna is only 17 years old here, can you imagine how much more of a badass she’ll be in a few more years?

itzy blog.gif

We heard that ITZY is making a possible July/early August summer comeback. We’re super excited to see what kind of choreography they’ll be gracing us with this summer.

Make ITZY to bring them to your city! 🔻

3 Reasons To Stan Post Malone

3 Reasons To Stan Post Malone

Today, let’s talk about why you should start stanning Post Malone (if you haven’t already).

He may look fierce but trust us, we’re pretty convinced he’s a Golden Retriever puppy in human form. Once you fall for him, you won’t be able to unstan.


Here are 3 reasons to start stanning the Posty:


1. He’s LIke a giant teddy bear

The sweetest. His personality is what made us commit to this #Posty fandom (unofficial fandom name).

He’s relatable; a gamer who really just wants to play COD all day. Born Austin Richard Post, Post Malone chose his stage name by— get this— using an online rap name generator. We know you may wondering what your rap name would be so for your convenience:

If that’s not relatable af, then we don’t know what is.

2. Already a legendary meme-er.

Move over Ryan Gosling’s “Hey Girl…” It’s the Post Malone-era and he’s one of the Internet’s favorites:

download (1).png

and he had the perfect response to becoming an overnight meme-sensation…


3. he’s hella talented and has produced some pretty sick beats

Talk about duality. Post knows when to turn it on and get lit. We know you’re probably already familiar with his Top 40s/mainstream hits like “Sunflower,” “Better Now” and “Congratulations” so here are some of the songs you may have missed.

Rockstar (feat. 21 Savage)

In addition to being a pretty bomb rapper, Post Malone is a talented singer as well. Though he has stated in past interviews that he uses autotune because he “sucks at singing,” thanks to his performance with the Red Hot Chili Peppers at the 2019 Grammys, we now know that this is a major lie. Way to be humble, Post.

Deja Vu (Feat. Justin Bieber)

Justin Bieber and Post Malone— a combination we didn’t know we needed until it was dropped on us.

Post and Bieber contemplate whether their girls are indeed the ones for them in “Deja Vu.” Post shared of their collaboration: “We wrote everything before, and then Justin came in did the hook and then we just sat down and really figured out the words. He said “deja vu,” and then we kind of filled in the concept of deja vu and it all came together.”

No Option

For the sake of brevity, we weren’t sure if we should add another song rec but after taking a listen, we were left with “No Option.” 🙃

TBH, we’re pretty bummed this song didn’t get the airplay or promotion it deserved so we had to show “No Option” some love at least in this blog post.

For your listening pleasure, we strongly recommend checking out the bass boosted version as well 👇


Are you ready to stan Posty oppa? Ready to enter the #Posty fandom?

Bring Post Malone to your city! 👇

The Quintessential EXID Party Mix

The Quintessential EXID Party Mix

Our hearts shattered earlier this year when we heard that not all five EXID members will collectively be working under the same label anymore. However, we trust in the bond these ladies have forged over these past seven years so we know this is far from the end.

What better way to celebrate the Duality Queens and all the sexy, confident bops they’ve given us than to have one unforgettable night filled with the essential EXID dance anthems and party the night away.


Without further ado, here are classic EXID bangers that’ll get you out of your seat, away from the walls and shaking on the dance floor like there’s no tomorrow.

DDD (덜덜덜)


If you thought we’d be starting the “Quintessential EXID Party Mix” with some of their more upbeat dance anthems…….. you thought right!

“DDD” is iconic in its own right and we couldn’t think of a better song to play in the background while you’re getting ready for the (long) epic night out!

UP&DOWN (위아래)

Okay, is any EXID party list complete without the iconic “UP&DOWN”? Though countless hits from various artists have been released in the time since, “UP&DOWN” will forever be the 2014/15 SOTY in our hearts.

HOT PINK (핫핑크)


Dress code for the night? You know it… “HOT PINK” lipstick, HOT PINK dress, HOT PINK everything.

I LOVE YOU (알러뷰)


Whether you’ve been eyeing that cutie all night, or you just want to profess your undying love for your friends, “I LOVE YOU” is the perfect bop to send some flying kisses or Solji-style fancy hearts to (see the Solji-style fancy hearts 👇).


Todak Todak (토닥토닥)

We decided to throw a curveball your way and end the night with a more dalkom, cozy song.

An oldie but a goodie, here’s “Todak Todak” for your Uber/Lyft ride home.


Can you see how much we love EXID?

Make EXID to bring them to your city!


You thought it was over, huh? We most definitely cannot leave out these classics 💃💃💃💃💃

AH YEAH (아예) 🔺

L.I.E (엘라이) 🔺

H.E.R Soulful Message

H.E.R Soulful Message

Our #ArtistoftheWeek is a woman of pure, raw talent. She’s only 21 years old, but she has been described as a musical prodigy you need to keep your eyes and ears on.

First things first,

What does H.E.R stand for?

H.E.R = Having Everything Revealed

We can say with confidence, that H.E.R is on her way to becoming one of R&B’s legends. She’ll one day join the ranks of other greats such as Aaliyah and Lauryn Hill. So let’s get to know this Grammy award-winning musician a little better.

giphy (1).gif

“I just have to have a good time, and whatever I

create is gonna be magic, because it came from me.

And it came from what I was feeling.”

-H.E.R for Billboard (September, 2018)


Hard Place

If we’re being completely honest, H.E.R “Hard Place” Grammy performance earlier this year is actually what turned us into a H.E.R stan and opened our ears to new levels of heaven. So much power, so much soul and so much grace simultaenously in one short performance… wow.. please excuse us as we go and break that replay button.

Could’ve Been (Feat. Bryson Tiller)

There’s so much chemistry in this one video that we’re still reeling from it. Best to listen to “Could’ve Been” in the car, during rainy weather, or to soundtrack those late, late night/early morning feels.

This Way

Khalid and H.E.R… need we say more?

Honestly, these two prodigies are the future of the American music industry and we were beyond stoked to see them collaborate for the “Superfly” original motion picture soundtrack. Their voices melt together like smooth honey and soothe our soul.

Best Part (Daniel Caesar & H.E.R)

A H.E.R classic. Press play, close your eyes and relax for the next four minutes and three seconds. “Best Part” may end up becoming the best part of your night.


H.E.R asks us to focus on her and believe us, you’re not going to want to focus on anything or anyone else other than H.E.R.

Or maybe you’re ready to stan this vocal powerhouse and want to see her live. If you’re ready to experience new levels of musical bliss and hear H.E.R in your city, be sure to…


H.E.R singing R&B legends 🔺

Performing live at NPR 🔺

D-HOURS: Focus on Kim Dong Han

D-HOURS: Focus on Kim Dong Han

Today’s #ArtistoftheWeek is Kim Dong Han, a solo singer who has been captivating us with his spellbinding and charismatic performances.

Some of you may be familiar with Kim Dong Han because of his appearance on Produce 101 Season 2. Following Produce 101, he debuted as 1/6 the member of project boy group, JBJ. Now, he is promoting as a solo singer.

Here’s your quick intro to Kim Dong Han…


  1. He’s a 98-liner who was born in Daegu, South Korea.

  2. He’s tall (182 cm to be exact)!

  3. His special talents are hapkido and akido.

  4. He’s loved by fans for his duality: his powerful performances onstage and his 4-dimensional and quirky character offstage.

  5. Kim Dong Han is an exceptional dancer who always impresses with his sharp moves and gracefulness.

    Don’t believe us? Check out some of his covers 👇

“Wild Eyes”(Shinhwa)


“Mirotic” (TVXQ)


Our three picks you should keep an eye (and ear) on…

FOCUS (2019)

TBH, we thought our wifi was lagging when Kim Dong Han did his “FOCUS buffering dance. This is a catchy song that shows off his fancy footwork. “FOCUS” gets stuck in your head the more you listen to it.

Also, can we add that we’re loving the visual slayage in this music video (especially that starry backdrop).

매일매일 (Everyday )

Our personal favorite from his mini-album— Kim Dong Han’s sweet vocals in “Everyday” is exactly what we’d like to listen to every day and every night.


Kim Dong Han is a versatile artist who flawlessly moonwalks between all musical genres; he’s one of those rare unicorn male idols whose voice really matches every sort of song.

Listen to Kim Dong Han slowing things down in “BEBE.”


Are you ready to experience D-HOURS magic live? Do you want to see Kim Dong Han in your city?

Then you know what to do… 👇😉

Check out the most recent episode of [DONGHAN TV] 🔺

Relive his greatest Produce 101 performances 🔺

comethru with Jeremy Zucker

comethru with Jeremy Zucker

Happy Sunday, TasteMakers!

We’re always excited to write about our #ArtistsoftheWeek, but today, we’re especially hyped to introduce Jeremy Zucker— an emerging pop/indie artist who is defying all genre boundaries to create his own musical color.

We can say that we’re officially zuckers for the megatalented Jeremy Zucker…🙃


talk is overrated (feat. blackbear)

Let’s Get straight to our Top 5 Jeremy Zucker Essentials you can chill out to this week.

(See what I did there? 😉)

(See what I did there? 😉)

1. Bout It (ft. Daniel James & Benjamin O)

Is it possible to love a song at first listen? Cause if so, “Bout It” had us hooked the first 20 seconds and married to it by the minute mark. With its catchy beats and overall chill vibes, we’re definitely bout it. Are you?

2. comethru

“comethru” is probably the song that mainstream/Top 40s listeners best know Zucker by but it’s also that song you’ve heard at that really cool hipster cafe down the street that serves really good peach-flavored americanos (we may be projecting just a little…) but you catch our drift.

Either way, this song will definitely make any Monday morning or Wednesday night feel like a lazy Saturday afternoon.

3. all the kids are depressed

The “all the kids are depressed” lyrics are pretty hard-hitting, but it’s the music video that really drives Zucker’s message home. The music video features 6 teenagers and their stories of how depression has personally affected them. These teenagers were all casted by Zucker himself when they responded to his tweet asking followers to share their stories of dealing with depression:

Every time I read one, I felt like I was taking on the emotional labor of that person. It was important to me that those people were heard and validated in that music video.

-Jeremy Zucker for Billboard, June 2018

4. Stay With Me (FEAT. jEREMY zUCKER)

“Stay with me” starts off slow like a Sunday morning and picks up the tempo by the first 20 seconds to end with a bam (not unlike our Saturday nights).

We’re also loving the dreamy, sunset pier aesthetic in this video— a 12/10.

5. Melody

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to find an official music video or lyric video for “Melody” but that just shows us how much of an underrated gem it is.

Jeremy Zucker is a self-aware musician; he knows the styles and colors that best accentuate his strengths as an artist. He also tells his story genuinely and organically through his songs. These may be just some of the reasons he is such a powerhouse artist to look forward to.


Have we convinced you to stan Jeremy Zucker yet? Have you officially been zuckered? 😉

If you want to bring this emerging artist to your city… You know what to do!

Show that button some love!🔺🔺🔺

Golden Child: One in a 100

Golden Child: One in a 100

First off, what does “Golden Child” stand for?

In traditional Asian folklore, “Golden Child” is the perfect person born once every 100 years. According to Woollim Entertainment (Golden Child’s label), these 10 boys were named in the hopes that Golden Child would become that perfect group and lead the Korean music industry for the next 100 years.


Also endearingly called, GNCD or Golcha by fans, Golden Child is an artist that should definitely be on your radar.

If you’re new to the Goldenness (골드니스) fandom or looking for a new group to stan, look no further!

Here are three Golcha songs to welcome you into the GOLDENNESS world!

In no particular order…

1. DamDaDi (담다디)

Okay, so if you’re getting ready to stan any group for the first time, the logical place to start would be their debut song. For all the potential-Goldenness reading this, Golden Child’s debut song was the exceptionally catchy “DamDaDi.”

DamDaDi should come with its own disclaimer as it was stuck in our head for the next 13 hours after our first listen (only a slight exaggeration).

*Please be aware: if you’re currently studying for finals, listen to DamDaDi at your own discretion…


We think “LET ME” best exemplifies Golcha’s bright, boyish and catchy sound. “LET ME” is a bubbly, feel-good song that’ll get you and anyone else in the room/car up and dancing in no time.


To show off Golden Child’s genre versatility, we wanted to include “LADY” in this crash course on Golcha. The first time we heard this song, we were instantly reminded of an INFINITE song. However, Golcha always adds their own unique, boyish charms and colors to their music which sets them apart from their labelmates.


This was one of the toughest Top 3 lists for us to write because we had a difficult time deciding between all of Golcha’s title songs…

But, if you make to bring Golden Child to your city, you just may be able to hear all their title songs live!

wink wink, nudge nudge 😉🔻🔻

Check out Their newest single:

그러다 봄 (Spring Again)