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Dreaming of 1TEAM

Dreaming of 1TEAM

Welcome to September, TasteMakers! The arrival of autumn has us dreaming of a most lively and charismatic group bursting with talent. We’re excited to introduce you to Our Artist of the Week: 1TEAM.

Introducing 1TEAM

The five member group hailing from Liveworks Company debuted earlier this year in March. You may already be familiar with some of the members who featured on survival audition programs MIXNINE and Boys24.


The name “1TEAM” carries the meaning that different members can come together with their own unique characteristics and form one (amazingly talented and unified) team. These members consist of Rubin (Leader and vocalist), BC (rapper and vocalist), Jin Woo (vocalist), Je Hyun (vocalist), and Jung Hoon (rapper).

Have you met the members of 1TEAM yet?

For those of you who are new to the TEAM ONE fandom, here are our top 3 reasons to stan 1TEAM:


Catchy, quirky and versatile are the words that immediately come to mind when we listen to the music of 1TEAM. From showing off smooth R&B sounds in “Vibe”, to the fast-paced, bass-heavy sounds (+ some noteworthy rapping courtesy of BC and Jung Hoon) of “Countdown” and the upbeat, summery vibes given off by “Rolling Rolling”; their ability to navigate across a range of genres (and sounding SO GOOD doing it!) showcases their capability and talent as musicians.

Speaking of music…


We didn’t think it was possible, but we fell even deeper in love with 1TEAM’s tracks once we found out member BC was directly involved in their creation. We STAN TALENT! 🙌 Did you know that he penned all three tracks for 1TEAM’s debut mini-album “Hello!”?

You can listen to “Bout U”, a tune both written and composed by ya boi BC, below!


Right off the bat, it’s clear from their sleek coordination and powerful moves that the members of 1TEAM were born performers. All five members are absolutely center-worthy dancers, and their effortless dancing and captivating choreographies have us struggling to pick our jaws back up from the floor 🤤

Are you on team 1TEAM yet? MAKE for 1TEAM below to experience their effortlessly cool ‘Vibe’ in your city live! 👇👇👇

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