Happy-almost-spring, TasteMakers!

It’s been a looong winter and although the weather has warmed up just a tad here in Seoul, we’re still riding out the tail end of the cold freeze.

If you’re a fan of K-ballads, there’s a great chance you’ve heard of the rising K-ballad unicorn that is Paul Kim. Represented by Neuron Music, Paul Kim debuted in 2014 with his single, “Would You Like Some Coffee?”.

I recently discovered and fell in love with this “boyfriend-in-your-eardrum” (what K-netizens are calling him), and spent a good few days repeatedly listening to his entire discography.

For my fellow TasteMakers who are trying to ride out the winter— here’s a little Paul Kim to bring warmth to your cold nights.

모든 날, 모든 순간 (Every Day, Every Moment)

My personal favorite.

Listening to Paul Kim confess to the person who stood by him during difficult times that it’s now his turn to do the same gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling. Just an overall warm song with warm lyrics.

길 (the Road)

“Time is rushing me, I have to hurry.”

“Somebody read my mind, I need something to rely on.”

Paul Kim desperately asks someone— anyone— to read his mind because he needs something or someone to rely on. I know this is a song that everyone can relate to and can hopefully find comfort in.


Now, Paul Kim is not a belter. He doesn’t do fancy riffs, runs or trills. Nor does he overkill his vibratos. As a listener, I find that Paul Kim’s strength as a performer lies in how stripped down and simplistic his delivery is. However, his sensitivity, expressiveness, and warm vocal tonality all converge to touch the listener’s heart.

 너를 만나 (Me After You)

You might’ve heard this song before. “Me After You” and “Every Day, Every Moment” are, arguably, Paul Kim’s representative hits that have received much love from the public and solidified his “boyfriend-in-the-eardrum” status.


0:00 ●──────────── repeat


Are your hearts soothed? Have you fallen deeply in love with this “boyfriend-in-your-eardrum”?

Make Paul Kim now to bring him to your city! 😍