Our Artist of the Week is EXO’s Baekhyun, who made his long-awaited solo debut earlier this month. We were pleasantly surprised by the genre-bending tracks, Baekhyun’s vocal mastery, and the mature color in “City Lights.”

Check out our Top 3 tracks from “City Lights” and be sure to share some of your favorites as well!

  1. UN Village

If we’re being completely honest… this was a sound we did not expect from a Baekhyun solo debut. Purely based off his previous OSTs and singles, we expected a brighter and more energetic song. But Baekhyun not only showed off his sensual charms this time but rocked it as well.

“Hannam-dong UN Village hill, looking at the moon from this hill, You and Me. UN Village Hill, side by side looking at the moon, you and me, relax and chillin”

The entire song is a (not so) subtle flex as Baekhyun sings about bringing his girl up to one of the most expensive and highly-coveted pieces of real estate in Seoul: UN Village in the luxurious Hannam-dong neighborhood. You go, Baekhyun!

2. Diamond

“Diamond” had a special place in our heart the first 0:20 seconds of our listen; it quite literally shined bright like a diamond.

This is the perfect song to play during a late-night summer car ride through the city… or shall we say through the “City Lights?” 😜

3. Stay Up

Baekhyun and Beezino! Urgh, this is heaven in our ears. We never thought we’d hear a “I need a Cha Cha beat, boy” DJ signature sound at the beginning of a SM song, but this only proves what a genre-bending and label-bending album “City Lights” is.


We had such a difficult time narrowing our top 3 list down because honestly this entire album is filled with bop after bop. We know we missed out on some other amazing hits.

So, EXO-L TasteMakers, share with us some of your favorite b-sides and don’t forget to bring Baekhyun to your city!


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