Dear TasteMakers,

Happy March! After this month, we’ll be 1/4 done with 2019!

March has always been a month of anticipation and excitement for me… maybe because it’s the month of spring break, or because it’s that transitional time between winter and spring, but either way I am so hyped.

Here are the new March releases you should add to your playlist to have a crazy, wicked, mad March!

March 4

TXT (debut)

The lively and energetic boys of Big Hit's upcoming group, TXT, are set to shake up the KPOP world on March 4. Even though they haven’t officially debuted yet, pre-orders for their debut album have already surpassed the 100,000 mark. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that they are already being called the monster rookies of 2019.


Ah SUNMI, the edgy and trendsetting diva of KPOP.

I’m personally very excited to see the new choreography she’ll bless us with this time around. SUNMI recently wrapped up her concerts in Seoul but…who knows, maybe she’ll come to your city this comeback? Make SUNMI now to find out!

INFINITE DongWoo (Solo debut)

INFINITE’s Dongwoo will finally be making his solo debut! According to Woollim Entertainment, this album, comprised of 7 songs, has been in the works for over a year now. Dongwoo worked on the lyrics for title track, “News,” and “Gun” alongside BLSSD and DAVINK.


SHINee Key (Solo)

We only got a few 20-something seconds of Key’s upcoming single but I can already tell that it’s going to be my go-to upbeat commute song I’ll listen to on my bus rides.

It’s definitely got that feel-good energy and to make things a touch sassier, (G)I-DLE’s Soyeon, will be featuring on this track as well!

March 5

Jus2 (GOT7 new unit debut)

GOT7’s newest sub-unit, composed of members Yugyeom and JB, is set to debut on March 5 with their debut track “FOCUS ON ME.” From what we’ve seen and heard through their track films, it seems like JUS2 will be going for a dark and smoldering sexy concept that’ll definitely get us to focus on them.


VIXX’s rapper, RAVI, will be making his comeback with “Tuxedo” on March 5th with a full-length album. Adding his personal touch to this comeback, RAVI participated in the songwriting, composing, and arranging of all eight tracks.


March 11

Epik High

Epik High released their star-studded list of producers and features for their new album and I gotta say, I know Epik High never disappoints, but they seem to set the bar higher and higher with every comeback. I can't wait to hear the full masterpiece!

March 13

Park BoM

BLACKJACKs all over the world cried tears of joy when Park Bom announced her long-awaited comeback featuring fellow 2NE1 member, Sandara Park. If you’ve been following KPOP for a while and was around for “You and I” and “Don’t Cry,” you’ll know why I am anticipating this comeback.

Her title track will be produced by Brave Brothers and is set to drop at 6PM KST on March 13.




Moomoos rejoice! MAMAMOO will be bringing the fire and stage charisma this month with “WHITE WIND.” We don’t have too many details about the upcoming comeback just yet, other than that their title song will be “9966.” Judging from the schedule plan, it looks like we’ll definitely be well-fed with MAMAMOO content this month! #HappyMooMoos


March 28


DIA will be returning in late March with a Shinsadong Tiger track. This is not the first DIA x Shinsadong Tiger collaboration as they have previously worked together on “Somehow” and “WooWoo.”



Stray Kids

Although the comeback date or concept hasn’t been released just yet, JYP confirmed that Stray Kids wrapped up filming their music video in February and are aiming for a late March comeback!

Until then, let’s sit back and keep streaming their most recent release:

Rumored March Comebacks:

BLACKPINK, Taeyeon, NU’EST, KARD, Jeon Somi, MOMOLAND, Super Junior Yesung, SONAMOO