We’ve never been disappointed by a JYP girl group debut and ITZY is no exception.

Now we know JYP trains their potential starlets extensively in all areas necessary to become a well-rounded idol — singing, dancing, acting and foreign languages— just to name a few. But we’ve noticed that their girl groups are all exceptionally outstanding at dancing.

Which bring us to ITZY, JYP’s newest girl group, who’s been killing it in the choreography, live performance and stage presence departments since their debut.

Let’s get to know the ITZY members and explore their various dancing styles and techniques.


ITZY’s main dancer, Yeji, never disappoints.

With her sharp and powerful movements, Yeji is sleek and captivating on stage. Your eyes are instinctively drawn to her when ITZY performs and for this reason, we can often find her slaying in the center of ITZY’s formation.

We can’t be the only ones who attempted Yeji’s iconic floor sweeping move at home…in front of our mirror…right…?




We’d like to sum up Lia’s dance technique in 2 words: feminine and fluid. Lia’s moves flow smoothly throughout “DALLA DALLA” and she definitely adds a more softer and girlish aspect to ITZY’s overall tough girl-crush concept.

It’s difficult singing live and keeping up with their challenging choreography, but as ITZY’s official main vocal, Lia holds the fort down for their performances.

Also, Lia is hair flips goals and gives us major hair envy on the daily.



Even long before her official debut, ITZY’s girl-crush member and center, Ryujin, was recognized and loved for her professional and indescribably charming way of dancing.

There’s something about Ryujin’s poised movements that makes it difficult to look away from her. She’s also already a professional master of duality— a certified cutie offstage, but strong and charismatic onstage.



Chaeryeong is another member who was widely recognized for her smooth yet sharp style of dancing long before her debut.

ITZY fans may already be familiar with this fun fact, but both Chaeryeon and her sister, IZ*ONE’s Chaeyeon, appeared on numerous survival programs before their official debuts where they wowed both audience members and judges alike with their confidence, skill and stage presence. Chaeryeong is ITZY’s main dancer (along with Yeji) and we can definitely see why she holds this position in the team.



Bright and energetic. Yuna is a natural performer who enjoys performing and you can definitely see it through her expressions.

Yuna’s executions look very natural and polished- which is an impressive feat considering “DALLA DALLA” was ITZY’s debut song and Yuna’s first round of promotions. Talk about major star potential.

Oh and BTW, Yuna is only 17 years old here, can you imagine how much more of a badass she’ll be in a few more years?

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We heard that ITZY is making a possible July/early August summer comeback. We’re super excited to see what kind of choreography they’ll be gracing us with this summer.

Make ITZY to bring them to your city! 🔻