First off, what does “Golden Child” stand for?

In traditional Asian folklore, “Golden Child” is the perfect person born once every 100 years. According to Woollim Entertainment (Golden Child’s label), these 10 boys were named in the hopes that Golden Child would become that perfect group and lead the Korean music industry for the next 100 years.


Also endearingly called, GNCD or Golcha by fans, Golden Child is an artist that should definitely be on your radar.

If you’re new to the Goldenness (골드니스) fandom or looking for a new group to stan, look no further!

Here are three Golcha songs to welcome you into the GOLDENNESS world!

In no particular order…

1. DamDaDi (담다디)

Okay, so if you’re getting ready to stan any group for the first time, the logical place to start would be their debut song. For all the potential-Goldenness reading this, Golden Child’s debut song was the exceptionally catchy “DamDaDi.”

DamDaDi should come with its own disclaimer as it was stuck in our head for the next 13 hours after our first listen (only a slight exaggeration).

*Please be aware: if you’re currently studying for finals, listen to DamDaDi at your own discretion…


We think “LET ME” best exemplifies Golcha’s bright, boyish and catchy sound. “LET ME” is a bubbly, feel-good song that’ll get you and anyone else in the room/car up and dancing in no time.


To show off Golden Child’s genre versatility, we wanted to include “LADY” in this crash course on Golcha. The first time we heard this song, we were instantly reminded of an INFINITE song. However, Golcha always adds their own unique, boyish charms and colors to their music which sets them apart from their labelmates.


This was one of the toughest Top 3 lists for us to write because we had a difficult time deciding between all of Golcha’s title songs…

But, if you make to bring Golden Child to your city, you just may be able to hear all their title songs live!

wink wink, nudge nudge 😉🔻🔻

Check out Their newest single:

그러다 봄 (Spring Again)