Today’s #ArtistoftheWeek is Kim Dong Han, a solo singer who has been captivating us with his spellbinding and charismatic performances.

Some of you may be familiar with Kim Dong Han because of his appearance on Produce 101 Season 2. Following Produce 101, he debuted as 1/6 the member of project boy group, JBJ. Now, he is promoting as a solo singer.

Here’s your quick intro to Kim Dong Han…


  1. He’s a 98-liner who was born in Daegu, South Korea.

  2. He’s tall (182 cm to be exact)!

  3. His special talents are hapkido and akido.

  4. He’s loved by fans for his duality: his powerful performances onstage and his 4-dimensional and quirky character offstage.

  5. Kim Dong Han is an exceptional dancer who always impresses with his sharp moves and gracefulness.

    Don’t believe us? Check out some of his covers 👇

“Wild Eyes”(Shinhwa)


“Mirotic” (TVXQ)


Our three picks you should keep an eye (and ear) on…

FOCUS (2019)

TBH, we thought our wifi was lagging when Kim Dong Han did his “FOCUS buffering dance. This is a catchy song that shows off his fancy footwork. “FOCUS” gets stuck in your head the more you listen to it.

Also, can we add that we’re loving the visual slayage in this music video (especially that starry backdrop).

매일매일 (Everyday )

Our personal favorite from his mini-album— Kim Dong Han’s sweet vocals in “Everyday” is exactly what we’d like to listen to every day and every night.


Kim Dong Han is a versatile artist who flawlessly moonwalks between all musical genres; he’s one of those rare unicorn male idols whose voice really matches every sort of song.

Listen to Kim Dong Han slowing things down in “BEBE.”


Are you ready to experience D-HOURS magic live? Do you want to see Kim Dong Han in your city?

Then you know what to do… 👇😉

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