Today, we’re here to introduce (or maybe reacquaint) our TasteMakers to Bolbbalgan4!

For the days when all you wanna do is stay inside or you’re feeling down, plug in your earbuds, and play these feel-good Bolbbalgan4 songs for a major endorphin boost.


When SOME was first released back in 2017, to say that literally every shop in Korea played it 24/7 is not an exaggeration.

With its catchy chorus to its confident lyrics, the BOL4 ladies speak their “some” relationship into actualization.

It’s just one of those songs where everything from the opening “I’m a warm-hearted woman in a cold city” lyrics to the folksy melody and music video aesthetic wonderfully come together for an instant mood booster.

X Song

I actually first discovered “X Song” while researching for this post and my, oh my, it was one of the best decisions I made all week (other than buying an air purifier for my room ^^).

Do your ears a favor and if you haven’t already, go take a listen! It’ll definitely add a little spring to your morning commute!

Fix Me

The BOL4 duo asks us to fix them by letting them love, and I mean, how can we say no?

Can I just take a moment to share how in love with main vocal, Ahn Ji-Young’s, sweet and delicate voice I am? Ji-Yoon’s rap in the interlude is also a major killing point for me as well.

We Loved

It’s so insanely difficult to pick a personal favorite BOL4 song as the entire discography competes for the number 1 spot in my heart… but I’m going to have to crown “We Loved” as the winner.

K-Indie singer, 20 Years of Age, and Ji-Young’s vocals explode in the most sentimental yet endearing way in “We Love” as they respectively ask each other if they’ll be able to forget the times they shared together.


Honorable Mentions:


Fight Day

So TasteMakers, what are some of your favorite Bolbbalgan4 songs? Do we have any #OG Bolbbalgan4 fans in the house?

Make them now to bring some of their positive energy to your city!