You heard it here first, but we think Maddox is the next potential K-R&B crooner who’ll be snatching hearts (and wigs) worldwide.

Our TasteMakers are probably already very familiar with Maddox’s labelmates— power rookies, ATEEZ, and our Artist of the Week alumni, Babylon— but today we’ll be talking about this gem of a R&B singer we’ve recently discovered and cannot get enough of.

Maddox will be a special guest on ATEEZ’s upcoming Australia tour. So before you attend the concert, check out our Top 3 Maddox songs you should take a listen to…and thank us later 🙃

1. But Maybe

“But Maybe” we fell too deeply in love with Maddox the first 7 seconds of the song and cannot find the escape.

Maddox croons, “I want to be your sleeping pill. Don’t wanna keep you all up tonight. I want to be your wake up pill, I’ll keep your morning ever so bright” in this chill, late-night ride type of song.

2. Easy (Mac Ayres Cover)

“Easy” was the first Maddox song we heard and were instantly hooked by his sweet voice. We’re also living for the cute, uwu interaction between Maddox and his talented pianist at 4:27. We could write an entire essay about this video but we’ll let you take a listen for yourself.

3. Engine

Maddox sings entirely in English and something about his delicate vocal color and register reminds us of the likes of Frank Ocean— someone Maddox has cited as one of his musical influences.


Aussie ATINY will be in for a huge treat when they hear Maddox live!

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And if you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your tickets to see ATEEZ and Maddox in Australia!


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