Our Artist of the Week is also our Artist to Watch: K-RnB singer, Kassy, is a talented female soloist who originally started her career as a rapper but demonstrated her mastery of numerous genres throughout the years. Some of our TasteMakers may have previously seen her on Unpretty Rapstars 3.

Today, we’re here to reintroduce her expressive and sweet voice to you; so get ready to be reacquainted with one of the artists who’s been killing the domestic digital charts lately, and who we’re calling the next leader of K-ballads. Here are our…

Top 3 Kassy Tracks:

  1. The day was beautiful

“The day was beautiful” is Kassy’s best commercial hit (so far— we foresee many more chart-toppers in the future from this young lady). Though the single was released back in December of 2018, at the time this article was published, “The day was beautiful” was steadily maintaining its rightful place within the top 20 ranking on many domestic charts— a huge feat considering the number of big name KPOP idol comebacks and OSTs that were released in the past seven months.

Honestly though… we’re not surprised by the long-lasting success of this track as we were pretty addicted after our first listen as well.

We were instantaneously struck by the warm vocal timbre of Kassy’s voice and how effectively she delivers the poignant message of “The day was beautiful”:

“Like a warm spring day, It was beautiful back then. When I cried because I was so happy, it was beautiful back then. Only after breaking up, I came to realize…

how beautiful it was. how beautiful we were. How beautiful it was back then.”

We could write an entire essay about why we love and treasure this song so much, but we’ll save that for a rainy day.

We can only hope you find much comfort in “The day was beautiful” as we did.

2. 침대 위에서 (In My Bed)

Her debut song. We had to include “In My Bed” in this list because we wanted to illustrate how versatile Kassy’s voice can be. We hear a lot of As Time Goes By-era Yoon Mi Rae in this song.

Oh, oh, OH! And you can finally hear a short bit of Kassy’s rapping prowess in the second verse as well.

Speaking of the legendary and lovely Yoon Mi Rae… Bless your ears with some Yoon Mi Rae x Kassy🔻

3. 별똥별 (See you in heaven)

In “See you in heaven,” Kassy’s sweet voice perfectly blends with Basick’s sharp and hard-hitting rap flow.

This is a song where the melody itself is pretty bright, but when you take a closer look at the lyrics, it paints a pretty sentimental and somber picture.

Kassy sings, “See you in heaven. I miss you” for the chorus and Basick’s verses fill in the details: “Now you’re gone without a trace, I have nothing without you. I’ll be where you are. Up in the sky, right next to the star.”

“See you in heaven” is a track that’ll simultaneously hit you right in the feels but also give you some hope for when you need a silver lining in your life.

Are you ready to hear Kassy’s angelic voice live?

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BONUS! We couldn’t stop at three songs… Here are two more of our best Kassy picks:

“True Song”🔻

“Listen to this song”🔻

(No forreal, go listen to this song! 😜)

🔻Watch Kassy’s captivating live performances🔻

Can’t get enough Kassy? Well you’re not alone…

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