Today, let’s talk about why you should start stanning Post Malone (if you haven’t already).

He may look fierce but trust us, we’re pretty convinced he’s a Golden Retriever puppy in human form. Once you fall for him, you won’t be able to unstan.


Here are 3 reasons to start stanning the Posty:


1. He’s LIke a giant teddy bear

The sweetest. His personality is what made us commit to this #Posty fandom (unofficial fandom name).

He’s relatable; a gamer who really just wants to play COD all day. Born Austin Richard Post, Post Malone chose his stage name by— get this— using an online rap name generator. We know you may wondering what your rap name would be so for your convenience:

If that’s not relatable af, then we don’t know what is.

2. Already a legendary meme-er.

Move over Ryan Gosling’s “Hey Girl…” It’s the Post Malone-era and he’s one of the Internet’s favorites:

download (1).png

and he had the perfect response to becoming an overnight meme-sensation…


3. he’s hella talented and has produced some pretty sick beats

Talk about duality. Post knows when to turn it on and get lit. We know you’re probably already familiar with his Top 40s/mainstream hits like “Sunflower,” “Better Now” and “Congratulations” so here are some of the songs you may have missed.

Rockstar (feat. 21 Savage)

In addition to being a pretty bomb rapper, Post Malone is a talented singer as well. Though he has stated in past interviews that he uses autotune because he “sucks at singing,” thanks to his performance with the Red Hot Chili Peppers at the 2019 Grammys, we now know that this is a major lie. Way to be humble, Post.

Deja Vu (Feat. Justin Bieber)

Justin Bieber and Post Malone— a combination we didn’t know we needed until it was dropped on us.

Post and Bieber contemplate whether their girls are indeed the ones for them in “Deja Vu.” Post shared of their collaboration: “We wrote everything before, and then Justin came in did the hook and then we just sat down and really figured out the words. He said “deja vu,” and then we kind of filled in the concept of deja vu and it all came together.”

No Option

For the sake of brevity, we weren’t sure if we should add another song rec but after taking a listen, we were left with “No Option.” 🙃

TBH, we’re pretty bummed this song didn’t get the airplay or promotion it deserved so we had to show “No Option” some love at least in this blog post.

For your listening pleasure, we strongly recommend checking out the bass boosted version as well 👇


Are you ready to stan Posty oppa? Ready to enter the #Posty fandom?

Bring Post Malone to your city! 👇