Hey, TasteMakers! Our Artist of the Week is IZ*ONE, a colorful group of 12 talented performers 🌸


The members consist of the top 12 contestants from reality competition show Produce 48. As the girls emerged victorious from a total of 96 contestants (the majority of whom came from top Japanese and Korean entertainment companies), you can be sure that they are a group of all-rounders to watch 🔥

Besides their hype-worthy talents and stunning, out-of-this-world visuals, we love that IZ*ONE have been able to showcase so many of their different colors in the short amount of time since their debut in 2018. We’ve been all for the girls serving us many different looks, moods and themes through their music; so this week , we’ve decided to pair some of the colors we feel best represent the group with our favorite IZ*ONE hits.

Let’s take a look at the different colors of IZ*ONE:



Red symbolizes strength, determination, passion, and love, all of which is perfectly encapsulated by “La Vie En Rose”. Did you know they broke the record for the most watched debut music video by any K-pop group in the first 24 hours with this music video? “La Vie En Rose” represents IZ*ONE’s fiery passion for performing and love for their fans; we can’t help but feel inspired with them as they sing of shining on the stage, ruby-like sparking eyes and hearts burning red 🌹



Have you seen anyone pull off this color so beautifully? 💜 Purple is the color of royalty, extravagance, and mystery - all things majestic and mystical! We think “Violeta”, the title track from their 2nd mini-album, HEARTIZ, is the perfect representation of IZ*ONE’s grand and magnificent demeanor. Inspired by the story of “The Happy Prince”, “Violeta” sends a meaningful message of hope, encouraging fans to realize the value of their existence. A most regal message, we say!



Say “Hey. Bae. Like. It” out loud quickly five times. It sounds a lot like 해바라기 (Haebaragi), which is the word for ‘sunflower’ in Korean! The color yellow is associated with joy, excitement, and energy, all of which we feel to our core when we listen to this bright, feel-good bop. Listen to “Hey. Bae. Like. It” on a breezy summer’s day at the park while riding your bike. It’s sunshine and happy vibes all around! 🌻



To us, the color blue is serene, thoughtful, and contemplative. “Memory” is a sombre yet uplifting ballad which showcases all these characteristics. The track, which features soulful, melodic vocals, takes us on a reflective journey as the members of IZ*ONE contemplate their past hardships and how it has brought them to where they are now. Blue also represents harmony, which “Memory” depicts perfectly as IZ*ONE have emerged from their difficulties together in unity.

What other colors do you think represent IZ*ONE, TasteMakers? Which is your favorite?

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