Welcome to September, TasteMakers! The new season brings us crunchy autumn leaves, cozy knits, pumpkin spice lattes and a big gust of comebacks to look forward to throughout the month. Can you feel it in the air? 🍂🎃☕️🌬

Brace yourselves for some exciting comebacks to spice up your autumn:

September 3

Simon Dominic

September starts off with a bang! For all the k-hip hop fans out there, AOMG artist Simon Dominic will be introducing a new single on September 3 at 6:00 PM KST. The tune is set to be released just weeks after the release of his latest songs “DAx4” and “Make Her Dance” featuring Loopy and Crush.


September 4


Rookie group VANNER will be making their first comeback since their debut in February. They will be releasing their first single album 5cean : V on September 4 - check out the track list below! 👇


September 5


Soulful ballad singer Kassy will be making a comeback with her second mini-album "Rewind" on September 5. The album teaser features a harmony of breezy acoustics and soft guitar instrumentals - brace yourselves for a series of perfect autumn bops.


September 6



CLC will be returning on September 6 with the release of their digital single “Devil”. They’ve been releasing a series of lyrical teasers against some wonderfully ominous, retro-style shots.

Featuring brooding lyrics such as “I can become something worse than you can imagine”,You will cry and beg later and I won’t bat an eye”, and “Your tricks aren’t working anymore, you’ve already crossed the line”, we’re hyped for yet another creative and intriguing concept from the girls!

What do you think these lyrics mean? 🤔

September 9



FTISLAND will be releasing a new mini-album titled Zapping this month in their first comeback as a four member group. In sad news for Primadonnas, this will also be their last album before main vocalist Lee Hongki enlists in the South Korean military. Watch as Hongki belts out the title track “QUIT” with his incredibly powerful vocals live in the teaser video here:

September 10


Our favorite indie-pop duo is back! Catch the release of their new mini-album Two Five on September 10, 6:00 PM KST.


September 16


The 13-member group thrilled us with the release of their single “HIT” just last month, giving Carats a generous taste of what’s to come. SEVENTEEN will be releasing their 3rd original album titled An Ode on September 16. Check out the hypnotizing comeback trailer below!

September 19



LABOUM will be showcasing their first full album Two Of Us on September 19, which will be their first original album released since their debut five years ago. Did you know that all members participated in the production of this album? Check out their comeback schedule below and stay tuned! 🌹


September 30



TO MOON, rejoice! We finish the month off with ONEUS as the RBW group releases their 3rd mini-album. After the release of their 2nd EP back in May, we’re stoked to hear that the boys will be returning with what seems to be a celestial, space-themed concept so soon. Take a peek at the come back schedule and teaser clip below!

1566900792-20190827-oneus (1).jpg




*This comeback list is not inclusive of all September comebacks and debuts. All images, gifs and videos are copyright to their respective owners.