Happy August, TasteMakers!

Our Artist of the Week is none other than the leader, main vocalist and guitarist of The Rose, Kim Woosung. The recent release of his solo debut mini-album WOLF has given us much to look forward to as we try to ride out the increasingly sweltering summer nights.


The multi-talented musician participated in producing, composing music, writing lyrics and creating the concepts for his first mini-album, which showcases his soulful charms and versatile musical abilities. The diverse sounds of WOLF are a perfect accompaniment for all our summer highs and lows.

Introducing the tracks of WOLF:


This vibrant title track features a strong, funky beat that goes hand in hand with Woosung’s mesmerizingly wispy vocals. The colorful music video also celebrates beauty and diversity outside of conservative Korean beauty standards, featuring queens such as plus-size model Bang Wu-ri and drag queen Nana Youngroung Kim. We can’t help but sing along as he belts out ”I like your FACE!” in the husky voice we’ve all come to love. We like YOUR face, Woosung 😏


Under the blooming moon / Holding your hand / We can take it slow if you want / No

Intense, fierce, and dangerous - “WOLF” serves up a whole other vibe from the cheeky and playful mood set by “FACE”. The dark, brooding acoustics and the piercing howl of the wolf gives us goosebumps and makes the hair on our neck stand on edge in the best way possible.


Featuring aggressively honest lyrics that are almost jarring against the soft guitar melody, “MOON” portrays one’s descent into anger brought on by hurt and heartbreak. Woosung’s rich voice beautifully conveys the angst and longing within this raw piece.

외로워 (Lonely)

“Why am I so lonely these days? / The only thing that has changed is the weather / I want to lean on people too / But I have no one to contact”

This heartbreaking ballad is an anthem for those lonely summer nights. “Lonely” gives us a glimpse of the more vulnerable side to Woosung, painting a perfect picture of what loneliness looks like through wistful and relatable lyrics. We’re already envisioning playing this on a rainy summer’s day to alleviate our summertime blues. Check out the amazing live rendition below:

What was your favorite track on the album, TasteMakers? We can’t wait to see what Woosung will bring us next!

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