🏖️ Earlier this month, we asked you to participate in our #MMTSummerPlaylist Giveaway by sharing a KPOP song and your creative scenario that fits the KPOP song. Now, it’s time to check out the winning tweets! 🌞




We were super lucky to attend DAY6’s Seoul concerts a few weeks ago… and we’re convinced of two things… 1) that there are no bad songs in DAY6’s discography and 2) DAY6 eats their own CDs for breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner. For their winning scenarios, @day6ish and @audiwithluv’s scenarios will receive DAY6 Youth tour photo card sets.



The second artist of our giveaway was our beloved (SoFine9) SF9 heartthrobs! 💘 These four winners will receive a signed SF9 US tour poster in the mail.



@scarletmoki sent us a pretty relatable scenario for Dreamcatcher’s “And There Was No One Left.” We’ve all been here before…right? 🤔



💣 Both winning scenarios for the KARD prizes were related to “BOMB BOMB” 💣



@baemngi won the coveted signed ATEEZ TREASURE EP.3 album with her UTOPIA self-made music video! Check it out below👇


The Rose

@_Jiminsjimjams took us camping with her “Insomnia” scenario! The imaginary combination of The Rose’s sweet voices and harmonization + the sound of summer rain = instantly lulled us to sleep.



@C3PYOJl gave us a totally cool and badass post-apocalyptic scenario to Zico’s “Bermuda Triangle.”


Stray Kids

@sleepychimmy had us crackling at our computers with this on-point biology x Stray Kids scenario. This strangely similar comparison won her a signed Stray Kids tour T-shirt!


To everyone who participated in our giveaway: thank you all so much again for your responses!

Stay tuned and follow our socials for more giveaways and prizes in the future.


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