Welcome to July, TasteMakers!

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We’ve finally hit the hottest month of the year with sweltering heatwaves, and to add to the already blazing weather, we’ve got some of the hottest KPOP names returning to heat up our summer.

In all honesty, we don’t handle hot weather well so we’re glad we’ll be getting a lot of bombtastic bangers to keep us sated (and indoors) this month.

Check out the calescent July comeback lineup:

July 1


GFRIEND has consistently been producing hit after hit and they once again lived up to their digital monster-status with their recent “Fever” comeback.

It seems GFRIEND tried out a maturer style and sound this time; a departure from their bubbly and anime-esque signature brand while maintaining their uniquely GFRIEND flair. In the past, this has proven to be somewhat of a risky conversion for girl groups in the KPOP industry, but we’re convinced that GFRIEND slayed this oftentimes perilous girl group transition.

We might be just a liiiiittle biased, but GFRIEND is one of those girl groups that look and sound so much better (than they already do) IRL. Don’t miss your chance to see them live…

Get your tickets to see these summer fairies! 👇


This one is a bit of a bittersweet comeback as it’s not quite a comeback but more of a farewell (for now).

EXO member and rising actor, D.O., enlisted in the military on July 2nd with his fellow members coming together to send him off.

In addition to a powerful performance on domestic music charts, D.O.’s “That’s Okay” also topped numerous iTunes charts around the world.

We hope D.O. has a safe service and are already counting down the months till we see him again!


July 2


Arguably one of the most talented and powerful KPOP divas, Ailee also made her grand return on July 2nd with her studio album, butterFLY, and title song, “Room Shaker.”

Let us tell you— this was not quite the concept nor sound we expected from Ailee, but damn were we blown away by her versatility and mature new sound. “Room Shaker” is catchy AF and the perfect song to play while you’re getting ready for a hot summer night out.

Jay Park

The one and only Mr. CEO, Park Jaebum, aka Jay Park, released another mini-album earlier this week with “Nothing Matters.”

This was a very quick comeback after his recent The Road Less Taken album dropped last month, but it’s still a welcomed one— after all, you can never have too much Jay @parkitrighthere in your life…are we right or are we right? 🙃

Jay Park will have a very busy second half of 2019 as he’ll be embarking on his SEXY 4EVA world tour. If you wanna see Jay Park flexin’ IRL…

Get your…. 🎟🎟🔻


July 7



Heize will be releasing “We Don’t Talk Together'“ on the 7th.

“We Don’t Talk Together” is produced by BTS’ Suga who previously demonstrated his midas-touch producing abilities through his collaborations with KPOP legends and female soloists (Suran, Lee Sora, and EPIK HIGH).

Our money’s on this collab sweeping domestic music charts for at least a good few weeks before becoming a verified digital monster. Come back on June 7th to see if our prediction came true!

July 10

EXO Baekhyun

(Solo debut)


Okay EXO-Ls, Baekhyun’s solo debut is quickly approaching. Are you ready?

We’ve already been blessed with his smooth and refined vocals a few times in the past thanks to his drama OSTs and SMSTATION singles, but now that we’re getting an official debut, we’re half dying of happiness and half dreading it… dreading it because we already know we’re going to be slayed by his vocals and visuals…

Just this brief 46-second teaser was enough to make us collectively throw our wigs and hearts to the ground in despair… Baekhyun… what are you doing to us?

July 15


Mark your calendars (and grab your wallets) for a summer DAY6 comeback— July 15 is when “The Book of Us: Gravity” will be released at 6pm KST.

We have a DAY6 fan in our office and we know she’s been awaiting this comeback for a while now. Musically, we don’t know too much about the upcoming comeback just yet, but we do know that the talented Young K participated in the songwriting processes for all six songs. We also know that DAY6 very rarely (read: never) leaves us disappointed with their music.


DAY6 will also be staying busy the second half of 2019 and well into 2020 as they’ll be meeting many of their international fans through their GRAVITY world tour.



The swoonworthy, and trendsetting KNK men will be making their fashionable return on the 15th as well.

KNK Week will begin on the 6th and conclude with the grand finale music video release on the 15th. “KNK S/S Collection” is the name of the game and we’re stoked to see what these model-like men will rock this time around.


Also, EU Tinkerbells, keep an eye on MyMusicTaste’s social media channels (Twitter, Facebook) for more information on KNK’s upcoming Sunrise Tour in Europe!

July 22


Chanyeol x Sehun (Subunit debut)

July is going to be every EXO-L’s dream as we’ll be staying extremely well-fed with never-ending EXO content.

EXO members Chanyeol and Sehun will be making their sub-unit debut as EXO-SC. This won’t be Chanyeol and Sehun’s first time showing off their flaming bromance and chemistry. They previously released a duet, “We Young,” as a SMSTATION single.

If we had to pitch some guesses, we feel like their music and style will be upbeat and bright. Dynamic Duo’s Gaeko shared a teaser of himself in the studio with Sehun and Chaneyol a few days ago so it’ll also be safe to assume that there will be some sort of hip-hop element to their debut.

chanyeol sehun summercomeback.jpg

How excited are you for these flamin’ hot summer comebacks? Are you already feelin’ the heat?

It’s about to get a lot hotter this month so make sure you stay hydrated and quench your thirst by streaming these July comebacks + making on MyMusicTaste! 😜


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