Happy Sunday, TasteMakers!

We’re always excited to write about our #ArtistsoftheWeek, but today, we’re especially hyped to introduce Jeremy Zucker— an emerging pop/indie artist who is defying all genre boundaries to create his own musical color.

We can say that we’re officially zuckers for the megatalented Jeremy Zucker…🙃


talk is overrated (feat. blackbear)

Let’s Get straight to our Top 5 Jeremy Zucker Essentials you can chill out to this week.

(See what I did there? 😉)

(See what I did there? 😉)

1. Bout It (ft. Daniel James & Benjamin O)

Is it possible to love a song at first listen? Cause if so, “Bout It” had us hooked the first 20 seconds and married to it by the minute mark. With its catchy beats and overall chill vibes, we’re definitely bout it. Are you?

2. comethru

“comethru” is probably the song that mainstream/Top 40s listeners best know Zucker by but it’s also that song you’ve heard at that really cool hipster cafe down the street that serves really good peach-flavored americanos (we may be projecting just a little…) but you catch our drift.

Either way, this song will definitely make any Monday morning or Wednesday night feel like a lazy Saturday afternoon.

3. all the kids are depressed

The “all the kids are depressed” lyrics are pretty hard-hitting, but it’s the music video that really drives Zucker’s message home. The music video features 6 teenagers and their stories of how depression has personally affected them. These teenagers were all casted by Zucker himself when they responded to his tweet asking followers to share their stories of dealing with depression:

Every time I read one, I felt like I was taking on the emotional labor of that person. It was important to me that those people were heard and validated in that music video.

-Jeremy Zucker for Billboard, June 2018

4. Stay With Me (FEAT. jEREMY zUCKER)

“Stay with me” starts off slow like a Sunday morning and picks up the tempo by the first 20 seconds to end with a bam (not unlike our Saturday nights).

We’re also loving the dreamy, sunset pier aesthetic in this video— a 12/10.

5. Melody

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to find an official music video or lyric video for “Melody” but that just shows us how much of an underrated gem it is.

Jeremy Zucker is a self-aware musician; he knows the styles and colors that best accentuate his strengths as an artist. He also tells his story genuinely and organically through his songs. These may be just some of the reasons he is such a powerhouse artist to look forward to.


Have we convinced you to stan Jeremy Zucker yet? Have you officially been zuckered? 😉

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