Dear TasteMakers,

Today I get to introduce you to one of my personal favorite producer duos in the Korean RnB/Hip Hop scene.

Like the intellectuals you are, I’m sure you’ve heard of the DJ signature sound, “Groovy Everywhere” at the beginning of some of the littest(?) songs.

GroovyRoom has worked with some of the major movers and shakers in the K-RnB/K-Hip Hop world— Jay Park, Dok2, Heize, Suran, Crush, Sik-K, Hyolyn, Babylon, and Younha— just to name a few.

So let’s get to know this power duo a little better; here’s your (un)helpful intro to GroovyRoom.

1. They’re regular producers on the survival hip hop show, High School Rapper

They mentored season 2 winner, HAON, and led him to his victory. We were also fortunate enough to get some legendary GROOVYROOM x HAON ear candy such as “BOONG BOONG” (take a listen below and thank me later 🙃).

2. They’re building their YouTube following by uploading candid and well-edited (crack-like video) content



3. They love what they do and keep a fun and light-hearted work environment

One of the reasons their songs are such feel-good beats is because these guys have so much fun when they work and genuinely love what they do. As Gyujeong shared in one of his Instagram lives, he never set out to become a producer, but it became a natural path simply because he enjoyed producing and making music.

4. They’re signed to H1GHER MUSIC and often collaborate with their labelMATES

These are the collabs of the century you probably didn’t even realized you needed until now.

Make sure you turn on CC for English subs.


Feat. Park Jae-Bum, Heize


SiK-K, pH-1, Jay Park (prod by. GroovyRoom)

“TODAY (오늘은)”

NELL X GroovyRoom

True to their DJ signature sound, GroovyRoom shows off their mastery of all genres, spreading their catchy grooves everywhere.

Personally, it always sounds like there’s a lot of layering going on in GroovyRoom’s music and it’s a testament to their keen producing eye that they’re able to discern and match artists to songs/beats that’ll complement them.

5.Contrary to popular belief, they don’t (can’t*) usually rap or sing in their music

No shade intended 😅

As musically-gifted as they are, neither Gyujeong nor Hwimin sing or rap in their songs. But for your viewing pleasure, here’s Hwimin trying his best (starting at 0:23).

Be sure to bring these guys to your city and get your groove on!

Make GroovyRoom now.