Happy Sunday, TasteMakers!

As you may have heard, we’re working with Johnny Orlando to bring him to your city.

Today, we wanna introduce you to this young, talented cutie who we think may be one of the next chart-topping pop sweethearts.

Without further ado, let’s learn more about Johnny Orlando!

TLDR: The Quick Facts

  • He’s been posting covers on YouTube since waaaay back

  • He’s a regular vlogger. Check out his most recent Carpool Karaoke video HERE!

  • He’s Canadian! From the country home to mega-talented stars such as Shawn Mendes, Justin Bieber, Drake (!!), Celine Dion, Ryan Gosling (!!!!). Johnny Orlando hails from Ontario, CA

  • He may be young (16 years old) but he’s got a discography that will get you up and dancing all night long

#TeenageFever playlist

What If

“What If” has been stuck in my head ever since I first heard it. It is such an underappreciated bop. I dare you not to sing along to the catchy “I know you know, what if I told you I liked you. We stay, we go, what if I told you I liked you. I know you, you know, what if….” chorus.

Deep Down

Fun fact: “Deep Down” was written by one of Johnny’s talented sisters, Darian Orlando, as well as Casey Smith and Nick Ruth who have worked with stars like OneRepublic, Olivia O’Brien, Carly Rae Jepsen and Kelly Clarkson.


Sleep was written by Johnny along with his team of songwriters: Linnea Södahl, Hampus Lindvall, and Darian Orlando. This song was also the origin of the “Sleep on beds, don’t sleep on Johnny Orlando!” campaign 😜

Johnny Has A Message For You!

So TasteMakers, if you want Johnny in your city, be sure to #StopWishingStartMaking Johnny Orlando!


When I said Johnny has been posting covers on YouTube since “waaaay back”, I was not kidding.

For your daily dose of uwu, here’s some of baby Johnny Orlando’s covers: