For those late nights when you’re tossing and turning and wanna go out for a midnight drive… we’ve got the perfect playlist for you, courtesy of this week’s Spotlight Artist: Babylon.


그리운 건 그때 그대 (Feat. 정일훈 of 비투비)

As you make your way out of your driveway, here’s some 잔잔 (trans: calm/cozy) Babylon to start off your drive. Babylon collaborated with BTOB’s rapper, Jung Il-hoon, in “What I Missed: You Back Then” (literal translation) to croon about a person from once upon a time that they still dearly miss.

CRUSH ON YOU/처음 본 여자는 다 예뻐

(Feat. 릴보이)

Continuing our calm and soothing music Babylon playlist, here’s “CRUSH ON YOU” featuring Lil Boi of Geeks.

Other girls wanna be you, wanna be,

You’re every guy’s Fantasy, Fantasy

Perfect from your head to your toes,

My muse, My girl, No words in the world can explain you

Have no doubts about it… this is a love song that can rival some of the greatest compliment-ya-girl hits such as Bruno Mars’ “Just the Way You Are” and “Nothin’ On You”.


Personal favorite! In “Shadow”, Babylon shows off the full expressivity of his voice.

I keep trying to find words to describe Babylon’s vocal color with, but am struggling. This might be because he has a very distinctive color that is uniquely his. But still has a similar pronunciation/accent to Zion.T and the casual, almost lazy, singing style reminiscent of DEAN.

Babo (feat. nafla) - Acoustic Version

The intro just might lull you right to sleep, so be careful!

Especially notable about “Babo(literal trans: “dummy”) is the simplistic guitar intro and backing throughout the track as well as Nafla’s hard-hitting rap verse that complements Babylon’s smooth vocals.


The last song to take you home, the last song to close your night.

“Karmabrings in some of the biggest names in K-hip hop: Verbal Jint, The Quiett, TakeOne, Nuksal and BewhY. This song will definitely get you hyped for the last stretch home.

I honestly want to see Babylon go on tour this year and spend the night grooving along to some of these chill hits.

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