Fansigns are one of the best opportunities to meet your favorite artists face-to-face.

However, apart from a few fansigns in Asia, most of them were held in Korea.

And although the application process is relatively easy, only a few international fans are able to enjoy events of such kind.

That is why MyMusicTaste is happy to announce that we are making fansigns GLOBAL!

ATEEZ GLOBAL FANSIGN EVENT IN BERLIN will be held on April 10th and YOU have a chance to attend it. If you want to know what is the application process continue reading!

Your heart and soul are ready to meet ATEEZ!

Now, instead of looking up the videos from the fansigns in Korea, it is time to take action and test your luck for a chance to meet them in person during their GLOBAL FANSIGN IN BERLIN


Easy! Just follow the steps described below!

Step 1. Lottery

Attendees of the fansign will be picked through a lottery, with each ATEEZ Mini Album, ‘TREASURE  EP.2 : Zero To One’ purchase equaling one ticket into the lottery.

The album can be purchased online via from March 25, 9:00 CET to March 31, 9:00 CET.

The number of albums increases chances to win the raffle as one album equals one ticket into the lottery.

Step 2. Winners

April 2 at 9:00 CET is THE day you will know if your ATINY destiny will be fulfilled!

Only 100 lucky winners will be drawn out.

Note that one fan can win only one spot in the fansign.

The winners will be announced on through SMS and email! The email will include detailed instructions on the following steps.

Happy Dance is a must!

Happy Dance is a must!

Step 3. Rules/On the day

The wait is finally over and you THE DAY has come and you want to be as ready as you can!

And although our staff on site will help you throughout the day we have prepared the detailed plan of the fansign day so you don’t have to worry about anything.

  • Entrance

You can enter the event ONLY if your name on ID and the name in our system registered upon purchase MATCH. Otherwise, the entrance will be denied. So when purchasing albums make sure to put your name correctly. Remember the event is NON-TRANSFERABLE, meaning if you are not able to attend the event you cannot give your spot to someone else. So take your time while placing your order, there is no need to rush you’ve got the entire week to purchase your lucky album(s)!

  • Album

One album will be distributed so you can get it signed by the artists. Should you have purchased more than one album, the rest will be shipped to the address provided upon purchase.

  • Seating chart

Seating order will be determined via raffle. Upon the entrance, you will draw out a number which will indicate your seat inside the venue. All seats inside the venue will have numbers, you will take a seat matching the number you draw out. Early arrival will not be beneficial to anyone.

  • While waiting for your turn

Now that you are finally seated and just moments away from seeing ATEEZ coming up the stage there are few things to prepare during this time:

  • Write your name on a pre-distributed Post-it and attach it to the back of the album.

  • You can write your questions only in simple English or Korean.

  • Only one question per member is available for Post-it questions and personal questions that may disturb members are prohibited (asking personal contacts of members, sexual questions etc.)

You can enjoy watching your favs interacting with other fans.
You can take pictures and videos freely from your seat at the fansign event. However, refrain from using the flash while doing so!

  • Rules to remember

  1. Be sure to sit in your seat throughout the event.

  2. If you call members loud enough to interfere with the event, you will be excluded from it.

  3. Do not use flash when taking pictures.

  • It is finally your turn

The signing event will take place according to number tags all of you have received. And now it is finally your TURN to go up the stage and have your special moment with ATEEZ! Please follow instructions of staff onsite and bring your album and number tag with you.

Please hand over hats, headbands, and other accessories to staff members, so that they can help artists to wear. However, you must collect them after the event.

While you may be excited and stressed keep the following in mind so both you and ATEEZ can have delightful moments to remember.

  1. Rude remarks or requests for excessive touch with the artist are not allowed (hugging, swearing, sexual remarks, selfie etc.)

  2. Direct touch such as sticker attachment, pinching cheeks, or scribbling on member's skin is prohibited.

  3. You cannot bring cameras, phones or any other types of recording tools with you when going up the stage.

  • Signature

ATEEZ will only sign the ATEEZ Mini Album, ‘TREASURE  EP.2 : Zero To One’. No other items will be signed.

Each member will only sign one page of your album, so be careful when picking the page you want the artists to sign. Staff on site will help you prepare post-it notes which will include your name on it so the artists can leave personalized autographs.


  • Prohibit the use of explosives at risk of explosion.

  • No gifts are allowed. Please refrain from presenting any type of gifts including letters. Please cooperate on this matter.

  • Food is not allowed except for simple drinks like water.

  • Due to unforeseen circumstances, there is the possibility of changes during the event. Please pay attention to the staff announcements.

  • Due to unforeseen circumstances, the event can be canceled or rescheduled with no early notice.
    While waiting for autographs, it is forbidden to take videos or photos.

  • Please follow staff instructions thoroughly, should you be warned for inappropriate behavior multiple times your further participation in the event will be denied and you will be escorted out of the venue.

The list of rules might seem to be a little overwhelming but this is so everyone can have pleasant time. Just know that ATEEZ are as nervous and excited to meet you!


We hope this article was helpful and if you have any further questions just click here.

You can get albums starting March 25 9:00 CET! Good luck, TasteMakers!