Hey TasteMakers,

Yes, you read that right! Our Artist of the Week is none other than my teenage loves, The Jonas Brothers. (Throwback to my Mrs. Nick Jonas days…. *le sigh)

It feels like just yesterday I was in middle school, jamming out to “Year 3000” and debating over which JB bro is the hottest at lunchtime but it’s already been 10 years since.

In honor of their reunion, I’m here to take you through some of their greatest hits (with some reminiscing and TMI commentary from yours truly).

So get ready to board our Sunday Time Machine as we go back in time

(…to the year 2006)

(Please excuse the LQ of these upcoming videos😅… remember, we’re going old school)

(Please excuse the LQ of these upcoming videos😅… remember, we’re going old school)

Year 3000 (2006)

You know those songs you haven’t heard in decades, but as you hear opening notes— it’s like your brain automatically remembers ALL the words and ALL the accompanying air guitar and air drum moves?

Year 3000 is definitely one of those songs for me and I know I’m not the only one!

Burnin’ Up (2008)

I remember when Burnin’ Up was first released, 7th-grade me thought the Spy Kids-esque MV concept and Selena Gomez’s cameo were the coolest things ever.

*Side note: this music video is also what made literally half the girls in my grade change their AIM usernames (remember AIM?!) to Mrs. Nick Jonas.

Lovebug (2008)

Ah, young love… This song goes out to my middle-school crush and awkward middle school dances where the misguided DJ always played “Lovebug” and Neyo’s “Mad” as the designated, PG-13 slow dance songs.

S.O.S (2008)

This is a S.O.S, don’t wanna second guess, this is the bottom line, it’s you~~

I gave my all for you, now my heart’s in two, and I can’t find the other half~~

With Kevin’s flip phone, the bros’ newspaper boy hats, Nick’s OG curly hair and Joe’s trademark sideswept hair, this music video is the ultimate throwback.

Sucker (2019)

To see teen Jonas Brothers and then to see them still making pretty badass music and having fun with their partners is such a full circle.

Twitter and Instagram exploded when the brothers announced their reunion earlier this month and I’m personally so glad they were able to preserve their original, signature sound while also incorporating modern trends and elements.


TasteMakers, I know I’m not the only one… I’m pretty psyched about this reunion.

Were any of you lucky enough to witness them live back in the 00s? Would you like to see them in your city this time around? Then be sure to make them now!