Our Artist of the Week is none other than the suave and talented men of SF9!

SF9 is here to get you ready to dance into the wee hours of the morning with these 5 party anthems.


Now or Never (질렀어)

Jealous. Jealous.

If you thought they were saying “Jealous” in the chorus, you’re not alone. The first few times I listened to Now or Never, I thought they were repeatedly saying “Jealous. Jealous. Jealous.” Turns out, they’re saying “질렀어” which in Korean basically means “I did it.”

Now that you know the lyrics, your next challenge is to master the choreography….which admittedly is a lot more difficult when it comes to SF9 dances, but I have faith in you, TasteMakers!


This is the song that’ll get everyone in the room up and dancing. Reminiscent of Pharrell’s “Happy,” I can totally see MAMMA MIA being that song to get your grandma, aunts and cousins all up and dancing!

O Sole Mio

A work of art…A masterpiece.

O Sole Mio was my dance anthem of 2017 and in my humble opinion, also one of the first KPOP songs to incorporate Latin influences in such a trendy way. Make sure you don’t break the repeat button on this one!


Roar got me feelin’ like a badass! It should get you hyped to burn up the dance floor and (possibly) empowered enough to initiate a dance battle!

Enough (예뻐지지 마)

We can't leave out their latest release. “Enough” perfectly masters the balance of sexy, alluring and ethereal, otherworldly-aesthetic in the music video alone. But it’ll be the addictive beats and lyrics that’ll have you humming “예뻐지지 마, yayayayaya” long after your night is over.

So, what are some of your favorite SF9 #dancetracks? Are you planning to see them when they come to your city?

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