Hey TasteMakers!

Do you guys love discovering new artists and watching them grow right in front of your eyes as much as we do?

For a while now, we’ve been keeping an eye on these talented trainees from Happy Face Entertainment and are happy to hear the news of their upcoming debut.

We hope you’ve already heard about the NAME THE BAND survey we will be running starting Monday, March 18, 11 PM KST! You will have the power to choose HNB’s debut name. So stay tuned for the survey!


Meanwhile, let’s get to know them better.

HNB - short for Happyface Next Boys - is an upcoming five-member boy group, consisting of Woo Jin Young, Park Woo Dam, Kim Hyun Soo, Jung Yoo Jun, and Jo Yong Geun.

HNB members went through months of training to finally debut. With some members appearing in popular shows like Mnet’s Produce 101 Season 2 and JTBC’s Mix Nine and having established a solid fan base through fan meetings, the band’s debut is a long-awaited one not only by the members but also by numerous fans all over the world.

Here are your three reasons to start staning them now!

1 - Woo Jinyoung, Park Woodam, Jung Yoojun telling us “You are so Beautiful”

Our hearts are melting when these three handsome men tell us “You are beautiful”! And that’s understandable seeing as how they got the moves and looks, voice and talent!

2 - Woo Jin-young, Kim Hyun-soo 'Falling in love' with Yoohyeon and PIZZA!

Upbeat track, colorful MV, and the cutest story— everything you need this spring while waiting for summer to come!

Special thanks to Yoohyeon (of Dreamcatcher) and loads of pizza!

3 - Woo Jinyoung and Kim Hyunsoo’s reactions to 'Falling in love' MV

We love good old reaction videos! Just look at how cute the two are watching their MV for the first time! They are enjoying it, we are enjoying it, you are enjoying it. What else is needed?!

Don’t forget to turn on English subtitles.


Aren’t you eager to see more from them? We are sure there is much more coming soon as their debut is right behind the corner.

NOW is the time to make HNB in your city!