Happy Sunday, TasteMakers! Can you believe it’s already October? Looking back on the past year, it seems we’ve definitely been blessed with a never-ending stream of talented new groups to stan. It’s almost difficult to keep track of all the amazing groups that have recently debuted, but one rookie girl group has stood out to us in particular with their undeniable talents, stunning visuals, and fierce charisma. Our Artist of the Week is EVERGLOW!


Yue Hua Entertainment’s latest girl group consists of members E:U, Sihyeon, Mia, Onda, Aisha and Yiren. Their debut in March earlier this year left a stunning impression on international fans as they dominated charts worldwide. Their debut single "Bon Bon Chocolat" topped the iTunes K-pop singles charts in 19 different countries while also debuting on the Billboard charts. Since then, each single they’ve released has also entered the Top 10 of Billboard's World Digital Song Sales chart - an incredible feat for a rookie group! ✊

This week, we take a look at what makes EVERGLOW our power rookie girl group of the year:

EVERGLOW: Performance Queens


It’s been clear even from their pre-debut days that EVERGLOW are top tier performers who were born with star power. The release of their dance cover videos pre-debut quickly caught the attention of future fans as their skills cemented their status as a rising group to watch.

In each of their performances, EVERGLOW have oozed charisma with their sleek, flashy movements and dominating stage presence. Put together with their strong, unique choreographies and amazing group synergy, we can’t seem to take our eyes off them 😍 Check out their live performance of “Adios” at the EVERGLOW SHOWCASE below. For those of us who can barely walk in sky-high heels, it’s mind-blowing to watch the girls dancing so flawlessly and effortlessly in them.

EVERGLOW: The group with Striking visuals


Watching EVERGLOW perform is like being constantly tasered because they’ve left us ⚡STUNNED ⚡by their amazing visuals. Along with possessing their own remarkable skills and talents, every single member is also breathtakingly beautiful in their own unique way. EVERGLOW’s collectively charismatic and charming visuals give the group a magnetic allure and that ‘It-group’ factor. With visuals to match some of the biggest girl groups out there, we’re excited to see which concepts they’ll continue to pull off in the future. All eyes on EVERGLOW! 👀

EVERGLOW: Concept Killers

Speaking of concepts, we always love a powerful girl group, and EVERGLOW have constantly served us anthems of ambition, strength, and empowerment through their music and performances. Just take a look at their debut single “Bon Bon Chocolat” and DKDTV’s interpretation of the track below:

Through the electronic / hip-hop inspired sounds of “Bon Bon Chocolat”, to the mystical, uplifting vibes given off by “Hush” and the hard-hitting, military-esque beats of “Adios”, EVERGLOW have consistently brought us strong concepts that have resonated with fans all over the world. The demonstrated diversity and power within their music and various concepts have us eagerly awaiting EVERGLOW’s next chapter.

Are you ready to join the EVERGLOW fandom? Which song or performance is your '“Forever” favorite?

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