Happy Sunday, TasteMakers!

This week, we’ll be delving into the inescapable world of Hyolyn’s talents by rediscovering some of her best live cover stages.

Though there were way too many to choose from as Hyolyn pretty much has a live-stableness rating of 13 out of 10 (certified by yours truly), I tried to showcase some of her lesser-known special performances.

I Will always love you

Sometimes being a talented singer doesn’t always equate to off-the-chart belting technique, nor the range of notes covered. Sometimes, being a talented singer means being able to fully emotionalize the message of a song and deliver it across to the audience.

Hyolyn checks all the marks in this performance of “I Will Always Love You.”


Out of the numerous “Hello” covers I’ve heard so far, Hyolyn’s one is the best.

인연 (FATE)

Hyolyn always seems to lose herself in her performances. This “인연 (Fate)” stage illustrates this most clearly for us.

My eyes started “sweating” as I watched this through the medium of YouTube. I can only imagine what it would be like to watch this live at her concerts.

그때그사람 (That person, that time)

100% live. Goosebumps. Need I say more? Maybe that Kang Ho-dong’s reaction is a total mood?

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