I’m ready to fangirl my SONE heart out writing about the everlasting ballad/OST/K-pop queen, our beloved kid leader, SNSD’s Taeyeon.

Taeyeon has been blessing our ears with her clear, poignant and expressive voice for the past 10 years.

Her star power and chart topping hits like “If,” “Missing You Like Crazy,” “I” and “Can You Hear Me?” have all (rightfully) so received much love from the public.

But still, with 10 years worth of discography, it’s natural for some songs to go less appreciated than others… Without further ado, get ready to experience some major eargasms.

Here are 5 underrated Taeyeon songs that deserve more love!

(What? I have underrated songs…?)

(What? I have underrated songs…?)

Some hardcore SONES may know this but SNSD’s debut song, “Into the New World” was not the first time we were graced by Taeyeon’s powerful and expressive voice. Taeyeon was actually featured in her vocal-teacher, The One’s, album as a trainee.

Listen to 15-year-old Taeyeon in The One’s - “You Bring Me Joy”

In 2013, they would later reunite in The One’s single, “Like A Star.”


Straight fire ;) One of my personal favorites from the My Voice album. The guitar accompaniment in Fire gives me major Taylor Swift-esque, country vibes.

“If The World Was A Perfect Place” - Verbal Jint (feat. Taeyeon)

Taeyeon and Verbal Jint’s second collaboration after the immense success of Taeyeon’s solo debut, “I.” Verbal Jint flows through the refrain, pre-chorus while Taeyeon takes over at the chorus and bridge.

Up & Down (feat. Hyoyeon)

One of the musically-inclined reasons (among many) that Taeyeon has been able to stay on top for more than a decade is her willingness to dabble in various genres while maintaining a brand and persona that is singularly hers. Up & Down is a change from her usual ballads. Taeyeon and fellow SNSD member, Hyoyeon, change to a sassier tone here.

Rescue Me (Japanese release)

The kind of song you need to listen to with the lights off, rain pouring outside and a tissue or two (or a box) next to you… Basically a good cry song I’m sure everyone has related to at one point or another.


What are some of your favorite underrated drops from Taeyeon? Wanna hear it live on her next tour? Make now to bring Taeyeon to your city!