Hello TasteMakers!

It’s about three weeks into the new year… What were some of your 2019 resolutions?

My resolution this year was to start working out again... TBH I’ve been pretty bad about making good on that resolution so far because half my battle is actually making it to the gym and the other half is maintaining my motivation once I do start exercising.

Buuut, I’m counting on the group we’ll introduce today to be my workout hypemen.

Without further ado, here are some songs courtesy of the fierce and powerful boys of Block B’s subunit, BASTARZ, to help you take on your workout like a champ.

Sue Me (feat. Incredible)

Let’s start off with some mad bars dropped by P.O featuring Incredible in Sue Me.

Not only is the beat sick enough to get you up and moving, the incredibly witty lyrics and wordplay should also get you motivated to tackle those dreaded core exercises.

Make it Rain

Leg day? No worries. Get ready to get your beast mode on with Make it Rain.

Zero for Conduct

No BASTARZ gym playlist would be complete without the iconic….

Zero for Conduct never fails to get me hyped up. Too bad that hype only lasts for 3 minutes and 13 seconds…

Bonus: Get ready for your ab workout…

Of course, a BASTARZ post wouldn’t be complete without this legendary and meme-worthy P.O clip that’s been taking Korea by a storm lately. Get ready to LOL your way through today’s ab workout…

Did we get you motivated yet? Ready to slay the weights? Ready to see BASTARZ live?

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