Happy Sunday!

Another week, and another artist of the week: NCT127

NCT127 is the second sub-unit and Seoul-based unit of NCT -- the 127 represents Seoul's longitudinal coordinate.

The unit has delivered much certified bops, but this week let’s have a closer look at the B-sides that also deserve some praise -or even more-.



NCT #127 - Track #4: Another World

"Another world" is in some ways the alter ego of their title song “Fire Truck”, and we love it equally.

NCT #127 Limitless - Track #3: Back 2 U (AM 01:27)

“Back 2 U” is one of the rare lover-type songs that NCT127 has ever released, and from the looks of it, they should try on more.

Cherry Bomb - Track #5: Whiplash

We challenge you to not sing along with the  “Whip~Whiplash” part!

Chain - Track #1: Dreaming

The first track of their Japanese album sets the perfect mood to enjoy the rest of the album

On the count of 1, 2, 7 go MAKE NCT127 in your city!