Hello TasteMakers,

As you might have noticed, the Kpop scene is overwhelmed by Kpop groups and very few solo acts and even fewer female solo acts.

But these days, when you think of the most successful and relevant solo acts we almost all think of the one and only: Sunmi.


Sunmi succeeded in creating a branding, imagery and sound of her own: Once you see the opening of her music videos, or hear the intro of her songs, you know it is hers.

But this success didn’t come overnight. Sunmi was a member of one of the most iconic girl groups in Korea: Wonder Girls. But due to personal reasons, she decided to leave the group right after they blew up with their historic hit : “Nobody”.

She then disappeared from the scene for over 5 years, to come back as a solo act in 2013.

Once her debut solo was announced, a lot of people and insiders were expecting her to fail as she wasn’t known neither for her vocal talent or her outstanding presence when she was with The Wonder Girls.

To everyone’s surprise, she showed a complete transformation as an artist and person with an outstanding presence and mesmerizing performance in her debut single “24 Hours”. And the success naturally followed.

In 2016, she came back to The Wonder girls, changing the whole group aura and musicality delivering bops like “Why So Lonely”.

After the group official disbandment in 2017, Sunmi came back with her historical “Gashina”, which we can confidently define as her representative song. From the melody to the dance and the imagery everything was in perfect harmony to make it the HIT of an era of Kpop.

And the rest is history, Sunmi alone as a name is running the show of the female solo acts in Korea. Check our personal favorite: Her new album intro “Addict”

Now, you want to experience the phenomena in person? Then, make Sunmi in your city NOW!