Happy Autumn TasteMakers!

We are already bidding farewell to September and its impressive comeback line up. But cheer up, it is not over yet!

Here is the list of the artists lighting up your October with their comeback.

October 1 - iKON

To our great delight, after opening the month of August, iKon is coming back with the final album of their Series “New Kids - The Final”.

The title of the group's new song was announced as "Goodbye Road"


October 4 - The Rose

After approximately 6 months since their last comeback. The talented band is having a comeback with their second mini album “Dawn.” on October 4 and we couldn’t be more delighted.

Fans in Europe will be able to see the new performance live during their Paint it rose in Europe: 2nd coloring tour.

October 4 - Soyou

Soyou’s new music will be coming out on October 4.

It’s reported that Soyou’s title track was composed by GroovyRoom, and features rapper Sik-K


October 11- Weki Meki

Known for their quirky and strong concept, The Fantagio girl group will be making a comeback on October 11 with their first single album “Kiss, Kicks.”

weki-meki-1 (1).jpg

October 12 - NCT127

You thought NCT dream was the last comeback we are having this year from NCT, then sorry to disappoint but NCT127 is having a comeback on October 12 with their first full album Regular-Irregular”.

And expectations are soaring high!


October 17 - Eunji

After a successful comeback with A pink, Eunji is planning on dropping a full album.  The A Pink's member upcoming 1st full album contains 8 tracks total, 7 of which Eunji participated in writing the lyrics for and composing.