Happy Wednesday TasteMakers!

It is already the last days of August and summer.

But stay assured, September’s comeback lineup will help us get through this transition.


September 2 - NCT Dream

SM entertainment dreamy boys, NCT Dream will be first to open September’s comeback festival with their album “We Go Up”.


The Music video for ‘Go Up’ will be released on August 30, but the album will be available  2 days later on September 2, officially kicking off the comeback.

From the video teaser alone, we are already in love with the throwback feel this comeback seems to have. How about you?

September 3 - Nam Woohyun

After two years and four months, Infinite’s Nam Woohyun will make his awaited comeback with “Second Write”, which is likely a continuation to his first mini album “Write”.

This comeback will likely be his last before his enlistment, which makes us anticipate it even more.

September 4- Sunmi

Sunmi never disappoints, neither with her songs nor with her concept. And this comeback won’t be any different.

On September 4, Sunmi will drop “Siren,” which will the lead single to her first mini-album “Warning”

Fun fact, Siren here has a double meaning: The warning alarm and the mermaid.


September 5 - Girls’ Generation Oh GG

Ayo! GG!

The original queens of Kpop haven’t said their last word yet, and they are proving it by making a comeback as Girls’ Generation Oh!GG.

The new unit features Sunny, Taeyeon, YoonA, Yuri, and Hyoyeon.

The first single “Lil’ Touch” will drop on September 5, and we have one word for it: HYPED.


September 5 - The Boyz

The Boyz are gearing up for a return with their first single album “The Sphere” on September 5.


The group collaborated with the magazine Dazed for their teasers, and the visuals are stunning.

September 10- Lovelyz

Lovelyz is going against the idol tradition by releasing an instrumental album as their comeback!


'Muse on Music' will be a catch for fans as it will contain 3 discs, plus an 84-page score booklet, special signed guitar picks, and more!

September 10 - Oh! My Girl

Oh My Girl will be dropping their 6th mini album “Remember Me” on September 10.

And from the gorgeous album art alone, we are expecting a feast for the eyes and the ears.



GOT7 will be coming back in September with their third album “Present: YOU.”

The exact date has yet to be released, but rest assured it is GOT7: Quality certified.

Check their prologue video of the Eyes on you tour, which you helped MAKING!

Super Junior

Super junior is reportedly having a comeback on September, here is what we know:

  • No date announced

  • Ryeowook’s first comeback with the group

  • Heechul won’t be participating due to health reasons

  • Music video shot in Macau

  • We are, officially happy!