Hello dear TasteMakers,

Are you getting ready to go back to school? Or to work?

Wait, summer's not over yet! Not when Red Velvet is here!

But we have a question for you ! Are you more of a Red concept



or Velvet concept?


Here are the 4 representative songs of Red Velvet unique concept.




“Ice Cream Cake” is the emblematic song of Red Velvet RED concept, as it has all the addictive and weird vibes that the RED concept is known for.


The name’s in itself has the RED mention...The MV is as experimental and fun as the uniqueness of Red velvet



“Automatic” came as the alter ego of “Ice Cream Cake!” The contrast between both music videos and vibes is so striking that it made us fall in love instantly with Red Velvet’s versatility.


“Bad Boy” is the perfect song to show the group’s willingness to go outside of their comfort zone and always try new things with their velvet concept.

Did you make up your mind? 

To help you choose, MAKE Red Velvet in your city!