TasteMakers, do you sometimes see an artist or a talented person and wonder why that person is still not getting the love and success she deserves?

That is how we felt when we first saw Kim Chungha on Mnet’s first season of Produce 101.

And we weren’t the only ones, As she succeeded in debuting as part of  the now iconic IOI, Chungha is now one of the most recognized and multi talented rare female solos in Korea.


Kim Chungha was born February 9, 1996, and lived eight years of her life in Texas, USA, before coming to Korea to pursue her passion for music and dance.

She auditioned for YG Entertainment and was a former JYP Entertainment trainee before joining M&H Entertainment in 2016, where she trained before applying for Produce 101,The rest is history.

Chungha captured the public’s eyes and hearst by being a well rounded performer and artist :

1. Her stage presence is so strong, she fills the stage by herself

2. She has a soothing voice, and a vibe that we can relate to

3. Her dancing skills are out of this world

4. She also designed one of the most talked about choreographies on Produce 101, the now legendary  BANG BANG

5. And finally, her fresh upbeat songs are what you need on your summer playlist

Do you want to ride Chungha’s Roller Coaster ? Why don’t you MAKE her now!