TasteMakers, where are you spending your summer holidays?

Here in MyMusicTaste we are dreaming of Havana’s nights… Like Camila Cabello!


Camila Cabello Facebook 

Camila Cabello Facebook 

After her solo debut on 2017, the 21 year old superstar Camila Cabello is getting achievements stacked under her name.

At 15, she auditioned and finished in third place in The X Factor

At 16, she successfully debuted with Fifth Harmony one of the biggest girl groups of this generation

At 19, she started her solo career

At 20, she released the now legendary Havana


But here in MyMusicTaste, we love her for these obvious 3 reasons :


The girl can beautifully sing in ALL situations

She is a great performer for her young age

Her funny and quirky personality is what makes her the perfect pop star package

Want to Never be the same after seeing Camila Cabello !

Make Camila Cabello  now!