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Let us introduce you to the rising alternative R&B singer-songwriter; Gallant!

Source : Gallant official Facebook

Source : Gallant official Facebook

Gallant began recording songs in middle school. He then self-released his debut EP, “Zebra,” in 2014.

After signing under Mind of a Genius Records and Warner Bros. Records, he released his debut studio album, Ology, in April 2016 receiving critical acclaim for his songwriting and vocal prowess.

To know him better,  here are three ways to enjoy Gallant’s music:

With your earphones

Gallant first studio album Ology was supported by “Weight in Gold”, his most accessible song of the album and also the most special for him.

With Korean artists

Did you know that Gallant, like some of us, discovered K-pop through icon BoA in high school. It led him to develop an interest in K-pop and KR&B, resulting in interesting collaborations with notable Korean artists such as Lee Hi, Eric Nam, and so on

With your eyes

His high-energy showcases are both a feast for the eyes, ear, and soul.

As he said in his interview with Billboard* : "My live show is almost like a meditation, An emotional apex -- that's what I want it to feel like."


You want to see Gallant live like V?

Make Gallant in your city!


* https://www.billboard.com/articles/news/6612574/gallant-singer-songwriter-new-music