This Sunday BLACKPINK is in your area TasteMakers!

BLACKPINK recently made a comeback with their New Album “SQUARE UP”, and it is undoubtedly a HIT.

This week, let’s see why BLACKPINK are not only two but FOUR distinct colors:

  • Black : Jennie

With her classy aura and her mesmerizing eyes, Jennie is the perfect incarnation of the color Black : Intemporel, sophisticated and mysterious.


  • Red: Jisoo

With her upbeat and quirky personality, Jisoo is the sunshine and the spoken person of the team making them more approachable and relatable.


  • Pink: Rosé

Rosé is living up to her name; “pink” in french: Her signature cute voice and facial expressions make you feel as you were high of Rosé wine every time you see her.


  • Orange: Lisa

Popping in your heart like pop rocks candies pop in your mouth, Lisa is the smile and energy you need in your life.


Now, how about brightening up your city with some BLACKPINK colors?