In the midst of pop songs and EDM blasting the streets of Seoul in 2014, a young indie band shyly layered soft rock melodies. Often seen at indie music venues in Hongdae, like how any other Korean indie bands would start off, they quickly encapsulated the hearts of 20-somethings in Korea. Through their self-reflecting and aching lyrics, they would speak about their everyday lives as young adults - fear of rejection, unexplained void, and constant longing for happiness.

Image Source: Hyukoh Official Facebook Page

Image Source: Hyukoh Official Facebook Page

Unfolding their tales, they embrace the rather banal topic of ‘songs about youth’’ and paint it with their own color. Delivered with tranquility and tenderness, they muster a full range of emotions into every aspect of their songs.

I’m happy right now, so I’m nervous
Because the sea is always calm before the storm
Because don’t want to be set on fire and burn quickly
I’m cheering for love

Sad adults always only walk backwards
You, who just passed your Terrible Twenty, look bored
Because don’t want to be set on fire and burn quickly
We’re cheering for love
— TOMBOY (from '23')

In his toned-down voice, Oh Hyuk, the vocalist, is refreshingly honest and comforting. Yet, pains are visible. Every bit of lyrics is amalgamated with melancholy.

I know I need to be sure about me
and I know I need to stop repeating wandering
It’s hard, it will always be
I’m fully aware of it
— I HAVE NO HOME TOWN (From '20' EP)

They are strangely hopeful. While in despair, they still look forward, celebrating all the moments that make the unexplained despondency worthwhile. They live, just like how 20-somethings do life.

I have no home town
I wanna have falling
endlessly dreams again
long for the rough texture
of Chinese old bricks
wish I could run on the
rugged hill of cornfield again
I wanna swim in the
nostalgia of childhood again
— I HAVE NO HOME TOWN (From '20' EP)

Without castigating themselves for things fallen through the cracks, they welcome life as it is, softly whispering to all of us that we do not need to fear what’s to come.

The moonlight before us is marvelous
The ships on the sea are all invisible
Yesterday’s regrets have been forgotten
Today’s problems have all been forgotten
— Wanli (From '23')

** Hyukoh’s new EP, titled '24: How to find true love and happiness', is scheduled for release on May 31.

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