To celebrate GOT7 WORLD TOUR ‘EYES ON YOU,’ we put together 7 awesome qualities that GOT7 GOT (get it?:)). Here are some of their best qualities!

1. Extreme Cuteness

Check out this YouTube video of the GOT7 aegyo compilation... you will instantly know why cuteness is one of their most proud qualities! 😘

2. Amazing Voice

....even when they're inside a moving car. ;)

3. Powerful Dance Moves

GOT7 is known for their synchronized dance moves and breathtaking onstage presence! They practice very hard in order to always give the best performances to their fans. Check out their dance practice video of 'Never Ever!' >< 

4. A Great Sense of Humor

GOT7 knows how to have fun and have a great time! While there are so many funny GOT7 moments, this YouTube video of their funny moments compilation can give you a glimpse of how hilarious GOT7 is when they are togehter!

5. Love for Their Fans

...enough said ☺️

6. Amazing Friendship

GOT7 is known for their bond and love for one another. Through thick and think, the members have gotten really close, and they truly support one another like brothers.


7. Realness

Another reason that we can’t help but to love GOT7 is their realness. They are always genuine and not afriad to show their emotions. 

Good news for iGOT7s is that they are embarking on their world tour this May! They will be meeting fans around the world including the Americas and Europe! 

REMEMBER: Exclusive TasteMaker presale for GOT7 2018 WORLD TOUR 'EYES ON YOU' IN EUROPE starts next Monday the 16th at 16:00! Tickets will then go on sale to the public on Wednesday the 18th at 16:00. Come meet wonderful GOT7 this summer! 💕😘

Click on the links below for more information about each show.

For any information regarding their USA tour, check out SubKulture Entertainment website! :)

Don't be sad if you can’t attend their show this time! You can always request their show in YOUR city on MyMusicTaste! Make GOT7 come to where you are~ 😘