New update alert!

We’ve all been there...Leaderboard points..Make points..what are all these points? We found a lot of our users were confused with all the different points in a campaign, and so we have decided to rename leaderboard points to diamonds in the hopes that this change will help everyone understand the difference between the two.


Now on to questions! And answers :) 

What will happen to my current leaderboard points?

Your existing leaderboard points have been converted to diamonds, and your points will remain the same.

How can I get more diamonds?

Diamonds can be earned in two ways:

  1. Share your campaign link and invite your friends to also MAKE for the campaign (via Facebook, Twitter, or URL) - 50 leaderboard points

  2. Write a short message to the artist in our new Shoutout Box feature - 15 leaderboard points

What’s the difference between diamonds and Make Points?

Diamonds, formerly known as leaderboard points, are points awarded to you and determines your rank in a campaign. Make Points are awarded to a campaign rather than to any specific individual and signify a campaign’s progress.

So what’s changed?

Nothing essentially. We simply changed the name from “leaderboard points” to “diamonds” to avoid confusion with “Make Points.”

It's not a huge change, and we will have more updates coming up soon, but if you have any more questions, feel free to ask us via

Happy making!