Hiya, TasteMakers!

Meet Tonight Alive, an Australian rock band for our artist of this week!

The band consists of four musicians.

Formed in 2008 when Jenna was only 16, they initially started out as a small teenage band that would play at local shows at youth centers and local festivals.

We were just teenagers when we started playing together in our parent’s garages in the Sydney suburbs.
— Jenna McDougall

They slowly started garnering huge fame in Australia with their unique blends of pop punk, pop rock, and alternative rock, eventually being named as one of the Top 10 Best Australian Bands by KROQ, American rock radio station.

... and also internationally, contributing their song "The Edge" to The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Soundtrack! ;)

Now a veteran band that will celebrate their 10th anniversary this May, they're going stronger and stronger in their music than ever before! 

Check out the music video of their recently-released single "Disappear", featuring Lynn Gunn from PVRIS.

Did we already mention they're absolute rockers when they're on stage?

They're busy touring all around the globe. Check their tour schedule and see if your city is included!

Not seeing your city on the tour schedule? Don't be too disappointed! You can MAKE them come to your city on MyMusicTaste! Go MAKE Tonight Alive's concert today!